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Scene 1
Leela brings Kali down. She says thank God prohit took me here and told me about Kali’s plans. I would never know that we have this conspirator in house. Yug says you are not getting it right. Leela says Gauri is our daughter in law. I am taking her with me. Prohit bring them.
Chulbul says to Vishwa and Manjiri Kali did something that risked Gauri’s life. Leela comes in with Gauri. Vishwa says are you okay? Doctor checks her up. Vishwa says says will someone tell me how it happened? Leela Kali did all this. Vishwa says Kali? Leela says she is not kala teeka. She dreams to become yug’s second wife. Vishwa says she wants to steal yug from gauri and for this she was getting gauri sacrificed. Yug says before you say something did you try to know what Gauri confessed? I know everything. How you all fooled me and Kali. Gauri opens her eyes. The daughter in law you are worried for.. I never married her. Everyone is in a shock. Yug says the one I filled hairline of.. That was not gauri. That was Kali. Gauri wakes up and says what else could I do papa. I was scared. I was scared of dying. So I lied. And when I saw Kali and Yug are hidden behind tree I got to know this is Kali’s game. gauri says dadi, i was forced to lie. I went with Yug and I thought I would spend time with Yug. but yug was with Kali. Yug ignored me a lot. I tolerated. And when I felt like yug and Kali are part of same plan i lied. I didn’t want to lie. I don’t wanna live here. Please take me from here. When my husband and sister are against me I can’t stay here. I can’t fight anymore. Kali says I never wanted to harm gauri. I would have stopped that anyway. Vishwa says enough. I don’t wanna listen to anything else. Manjiri says Gauri is not well. Lets take her to room.

Leela says to Kali how much will you poison yug’s brain? What do you want? Yug says we didn’t want to harm gauri. Leela says you can’t understand what this kala teeka is upto. Don’t give importance to these lower people. She dreams of becoming daughter in law of this house. Yug says if you think what happened was wrong then I am equally responsible for it. I gave her a chance so she can prove herself because I still believe she can’t lie. Leela says you trust her more than us? You risked life of your wife for her. Why are you not answering. Yug says I am nothing to speak or say. He leaves.
Leela says to kali if you wanna live in this house, stay in your limits. No one does anything by their will here. Remember that. I am leela chaudhary. I know your worth. You marriage with yug.. Manjiri comes there.
Manjiri says why don’t you complete the truth? You have take married life of a woman? Leela don’t force me to say your. kali is just a tool of yug’s better for me. I will throw her away. Manjiri says you can’t do that. You know why because truth is with my daughter and not with you. I will get her what is rightfully hers. Leela says Yug is gauri’s husband. And that is why gauri will do teej for Yug and vatsavitri. Manjiri says kali will do that for her husband. I will get her what is hers in seven days, I promise you that.

Vishwa says you will be okay soon. Gauri says I won’t be able to forget. Vishwa says take these medicines on time. Manjiri says we should leave now. Chulbul says to Gauri you need something? Gauri says no. Chulbul says you are so clever. Drama.

Kali comes to yug and says please eat something. Yug says what sin did I do? Just loved. All fingers are against me. Kali says dont worry. Its not your mistake. Thats how situation is. Please give it sometime. Yug says I waited for my seeta since childhood but I can’t wait anymore. I can’t take this circus anymore. i can neither give you title of my wife to you and nor to Gauri. Kali is dazed. He leaves.
Gauri comes there. Gauri says what happened? Plan failed again? Kali oh that was all your drama. Gauri says you know thousands came like but you can’t do anything to gauri jha. You can’t win. Look at you so much happened you are still here. Just get out. Kali says why should I? Gauri says let me remind you, you said yug is your husband. it has been 40 days, you could do nothing. Its all over. Kali says 6 days. 6 days are left for 3 weeks. Keep that in mind. Dadi will accept me as yugs’ wife. Gauri says all the best. Leela comes there and smiles. Leela says you should learn how to do drama. What if yug had seen you talking to her? Tell me what drama was this? gauri says nothing. Leela says tell me. Prohit told me everything. You wanted to spend a night with yug. Prohit knew and told me. Good plan you made. Gauri says I did that to defeat Kali. Leela says how many times do I have to tell you? don’t use this brain of yours. i will get you title of yug’s wife of patsavitri.

Precap-Gauri says after so much you don’t accept me as your wife. For your happiness I will go away from you Yug. I have decided i will take divorce from yug. Everyone is dazed.

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