Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30 May 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Rachna tells her Bhabhi not to worry. They must be coming. Mami ji is angry as it is 11:30 already. Preeti and Sumo come home just then. Mami tells Preeti such thing should not repeat now. Preeti tries to explain but Mami ji does not let her. Sumo says it wont happen again. Preeti gives them the gifts. They cost Rs 250 each. You were worrying for no reason. Who will do something in this amount? Mami ji says I don’t like such kind of friendship anyways. Better not keep it. Sumo observes it all quietly.

Preeti fixes her meeting tomorrow with someone in the morning. Sumo asks her who it was. Preeti says it was Prateek. Sumo gives her coffee. What’s going on between you and Pushkar? You wont lie after today and I wont help you as well. Preeti looks down sadly. Sumo says I am not scolding you. Where did you and Pushkar disappear suddenly? Preeti calls him crack. He must have seen his client there so he took me away. Sumo smiles. Where did you go then? Preeti says we were travelling in car. Dabbo joins them. I heard something that my favourite RJ Naved said. Every girl tries to look for his mother in a girl. he marries the one who he finds similar to his mother. Mami ji calls out for Dabbo angrily. He says this is the problem. Will I have to look for a girl like my mom too? He rushes downstairs. Sumo laughs thinking about it. preeti asks her if it is true.

Nirmala aunty comes to Sumo’s room. She gives a gift to Sumo to give to Shravan. Will you give it to him? Sumo nods. You could not stop thinking about him even after all these years. Why are you so scared to meet him? Nirmala aunty says I cannot. Give it to him. Make sure he does not understand I gave it. Sumo asks her if she had breakfast. Nirmala says I will have it in Vrindavan. I will be back in 2 days. She leaves. Sumo tells herself to do anything but unite Shravan and his mom real soon.

Sumo looks at the gift happily. prita gets excited. You brought it for me? Sumo asks her if it is her birthday or anniversary. Prita says no. Sumo says mujhe kya kisi pagal kutte ne kata hai fir. Go and check potatoes. Prita leaves.

Shravan is getting ready. He smiles broadly as he notices Sumo’s call. Why am I smiling? She calls 50 times in a day anyways! He angrily says haan, bolo. She says you could atleast say hello. Who talks like this? He says I do. She asks him when he can meet. He says we met yesterday only. She says I will give your gift later then. He asks her if it is his birthday. She knows there is no occasion today. He asks her why she brought it. She replies that she wanted to so she got it. When can we meet? He says after lunch. She teases him. Saaf saaf bolo lunch nahi karwana chahte. He goes all quiet. She laughs. I am kidding. I will meet you after 2 pm.

Pushkar collides with Sumo as he was stepping out of the room. He is heading for a conference. She holds his ear. I have heard about your setting with customs. You got 15k worth perfumes for Rs. 250. He says you sisters cannot digest anything. She replies that she and Preeti are not like him and Shravan. What’s going on between both of you? He says nothing while she teases him on dating. He asks her if Preeti said so. She talks about his dinner date last night. He tries to divert it. She again asks about the perfume. He lies that it was not expensive. She tells him to act before someone else. Preeti is my sister. Aren’t you getting late for the conference now? He nods. She asks him about Qutub MInar. He is confused. It is in Mehrauli. She corrects herself. The 6’4” tall Qutub Minar. Pushkar smiles. He is outside in lawn. Sumo leaves to meet Shravan. Pushkar says both the sisters are weird. One does not understand anything while the other understands too much.

Sharavan is working outside. Sumo gets irked to see him busy. She throws stone in water to distract his attention. Did you staff throw you out? He asks her when she came. She says just now. he keeps looking at her. He compliments her. You look good with sunglasses. I have never seen you like this. She says the same to him. I came to give you this gift but thinking to let it be. You reacted as if there are too many people in line to give you a gift. He says why you brought it then. She says I am thinking to keep it with me now. He says give now. She gets up as he is all distant. He makes her sit and says please give it to me. She finally does. He is surprised to see the book in it (Sports Car). He looks at her sweetly and emotionally. You remembered? He scans the pages and she keeps looking at him. He thanks her. She thinks aunty remembers everything. There is still so much between you and your mom. Only the misunderstanding is to be cleared.

Sumo asks Shravan to fulfil his promise now. You agreed to tell me something about you that I don’t know. Tell me now. He says I don’t know when you said so. She picks up the gift. I am going then. He holds her hand. Sit. Remove your sunglasses first. She says what the connection with it is. He says the connection is with eyes. I want to see the effect of my words in your eyes. She removes her sunglasses. He looks at her as he says,

Sardi ki dhoop,
Garmi ki chaon,
barish ki pehli boond,
ek pyara sa naam
Dekh kar tumhe jaane kyu ye khayal aata hai
Tumhari har betuki baat pe jaane mujhe kyu pyaar aata hai

She laughs. You write shayari? I fooled you with a story yesterday and you are doing the same with me. He says I am not lying. I only have written it. She says then I fought panipat war. She laughs madly. He looks at her sweetly. She finally stops laughing and checks his notebook. It is blank. You lie! Liar! He walks up to her. She is all tensed. He tries to take the notebook from her but she does not let him. Not this again Sumo please. She begins to run with the notebook while he chases her. She falls down in the process and gets hurt. She sprains her feet. He shouts for the servant to bring first aid box. He asks her if it is paining a lot. She nods. Will I act? She winces in pain. Help me stand now. He nods. He makes her sit on the chair and sees his feet. It isn’t big. It happens. She says you will understand when it will happen with you.

Bahadur brings first aid box. She is in very much pain. He thinks of the childhood time when she got hurt while cycling. He is pained to see her thus. He makes Bahadur do it. She asks him what happened to him. He says nothing. She asks him to drop her till the car. He extends his hand but then asks Bahadur to drop Sumo to her home. She wont be able to drive in this condition. Bahadur agrees. Someone asks Shravan to come for the conference. Sumo is puzzled at his behaviour. He too looks at her with a pained and distant look in his eyes before leaving.

Precap: Shravan is in the conference but is not paying attention. He excuses himself and goes in washroom. He rebukes himself for focusing on nonsensical stuff. Sumo calls Shravan. What has happened to you? Why are you behaving like this?

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