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Naagin 29 May 2016 Written episode Update. Naagin today and Latest Written story.

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Kabeer mangoose tortures Rithik and asks why don’t he give mani before dying. Rithik says he will not even if he dies. Shivanya comes and hits Kabeer’s head with an wooden plank and he falls down. She throws water on fire and tells Rithik she will save her. Kabeer starts torturing Shivanya and orders Kabeer to bring him nagmani, else he will kill Shivanya. Sesha comes and grips Kabeer in her tail. Kabeer laughs that he will kill both sister now. She ties him with her skin shouting how dare he is to injure her Rithik. Shivanya reminisces Yogi Raj’s prediction that only she can kill mangoose Kabeer and beheads him. Kabeer’s head falls on ground and burns into ashes. Shivanya then frees Kabeer. Sesha says she risked her life for Rithik and Rithik is hers. Rithik says she is selfish nagin and only Shivanya has right on him. He leaves with Shivanya. Mahishmati bees attack her and die after biting her. She thinks she has to know about mahishmati clan and only Panchner’s rajkumari Yamini can tell her.

Rithik and Shivanya reach hospital and meet Sangram singh who informs them that they are suryavanshis and Mahishmatis are chandravanshis and during during their fight for nagmani guardship, they won and lost Mahismati raja took oath to destroy suyravanshis and take nagmani. He started doing yagnas and became powerful, so even gods got afraid that he will get a big boon and with suryavanshis built a protective wall and kept mahishmatis away, mahismatis are eager to break that wall and take revenge, only ichadhari nagin can break that wall. Yamini informs Sesha same and says only she can break wall. She takes her to wall and Sesha tries to break it but falls down. Bees attack her again and die. Yamini asks how did they die. Sesha says they cannot withstand her poison and she has to get yogi raj’s bhasm. They both go to shiv temple and Sesha searches bhasm and finds it in suitcase. Rithik and Shivanya enter and she hides. They inform guruji about mahishmati wall and asks how can they stop Sesha from breaking it. Yogi raj says only shiviji’s ansh kali maa can stop Sesha and mahishmati people and asks them to do kali maa pooja to please and bring her on earth.

Sesha comes out of shiv temple and bees attack her. She warns them to stay away,else they will die with her poison and asks them to inform Mahishmatis that she will break wall and get them out. Bees leave.

Angad asks Divya where is his laptop. She says it is in Yamini’s room. He goes and searches laptop in Yamini’s room, hears sounds and hides. Yamini comes in via secret door with Sesha and they both discuss how to break mahishmati wall and then get nagmani after killing Rithik and Shivanya. Angad records their plan on his mobile and shows it to Divya and Amrita. Amrita says Rithik and Shivanya are in danger. Angad says he will protect Rithik. Shivanya and Rithik prepare for pooja. Angad comes and tells Rithik that mom is not good and she is planning to kill him and Shivanya. Rithik says he knows. Angad asks if he knows they are not his real siblings. Rithik says yes. Angad asks then how can he shower so much love on them. Rithik says they are his siblings even if they are not real ones and asks him to go from there. Angad insists, but leaves helplessly.

Shivanya tells Rithik that Sesha will try to stop pooja aand says if he or she tells I love you, one should say i hate you, they will use Sesha’s trick against her. Rithik goes to bring water. Sesha comes in Shivanya’s form and tries to lure Rithik. Rithik says they have to perform pooja first. She says let us romance for sometime. He gets suspicious and says I love you. She says I love you too. He is sure she is Sesha and throws bhasm on her. She stands freezing. He leaves smiling and gives water to shivanya. Shivanya starts pooja.

Yamini serves food to her children. Rithik comes and ask if she will not serve him. She goes in and he tells siblings that they should not let mom know that they know her plan. Yamini brings food and thinks why Rithik came here, he must be up to something. Rithik he has to stop her from spoiling Shivanya’s pooja and says he is kali nagin/Sesha and starts taunting her. She asks him to go and stop pooja, they will speak later. He leaves thinking she will not come now.

She enters kali maa temple wearing black dress while Yogi raj and other sadhus chant mantras behind. She prays god to give her strength to destroy her enemies and protect nagmani. She smears kumkum on her forehead.

Precap: Yamini beats Rithik. Shivanya pleads Kaali maa to come and save her husband. Kaali maa comes on Shivanya and shouts. Yamini is shocked. Yogi raj greets her.

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