Sasural Simar Ka 29 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Prerna is dazed. Prerna says when I was going from here you wrote don’t go on taxi? Simar says yes also what you read in kid’s room. Prerna says that note. Yes I told sid. How can I listen to you? Simar says I went to meet that baba again. She tells her everything baba said. Simar sits on prerna’s hand. Prerna sees her with a magnifying glass. Prerna says I am sorry Simar. you were around me wanted to talk to me but I couldn’t recognize you. Prerna says what maani wants? Simar says sid has her powers and she wants them back, and that woman is helping her. She has no face. She adopts my face by seeing my picture every hour. Prerna says I saw myself that there was no face. Simar says they have given you a liquid that makes you lose your mind. Your mind gets in maani’s control, Simar explains her everything about her behavior. Prerna says that was because of that liquid. Everyone thought I was losing mental stability. Everyone is scared of me. SImar says I know whats going on. And this is not the time to cry. We will fight that maani and that woman. Prerna says how will this happen? Simar says God is with us. Prerna says baba said the solution is within the problem. Prerna says I think we should inform the family. That maani doesn’t have her powers right now. She will tell us what baba meant. SImar says okay.

Prerna says mata ji, sid.. Please come I want to talk. Mata ji says what happened? Fake simar says what is she up to? She looks at maani. Simar(bee) says prerna tells everyone truth. Simar(bee) says tell everyone that I am simar. Prerna says I forgot what I had to tell you. Mataji says its okay go rest. MAani says the liquid is working. Prerna says no mata ji. Sid says I will drop you. Prerna says its okay I will go. Prerna goes to her room. Mataji says she is going through worst. I hope nothing wrong happens to her.
Simar asks prerna why didn’t you tell them? Prerna says that ghughat woman. Your face is her strength and her weakness. SImar says means? Prerna says we should focus on her. We have to expose her to the family and maani will be exposed herself. Simar says she doesn’t have her powers so she won’t be able to do anything. Good idea. Prerna says simar.. Prerna says I promise I will fix everything. Everything will be like it used to be. I swear on God. Simar says I have complete faith in you. For now, we have to some another thing as well.

Prerna is with the kids. She says mothers protect their kids in any way.Sanju says you tell story like mama. Simar is on her shoulder. Sanju and Anjali have fallen asleep. prerna says I cant even imagine what you are going through simar. but for your kids, you did all this. What are you made of.. Prerna is in tears.

Precap-Prerna says I called him. I wanted to get my jewelry polished. Karuna says simar why dont you give your jewelry as well. Prerna steals her locket and changes simar’s picture with hers.

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