Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29 May 2016 Written episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya today and Latest Written story.

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Gopi continues walking on road remembering Ahem. Sona munches laddoos. Urmila asks to share some. Sona says Vidya made it specially for her and she has to eat for 2 people. Their fight starts. Monica with Pari sees them and taunts that they are fighting for food like beggars. Urmila taunts she looks malnourished like beggar. Monica taunts her clothes look poor. Sona taunts they are wearing full clothes, but Monica is wearing 3 inch blouse like poor woman. Pari shouts. Urmila taunts that she draped bedsheet and came here. They both walk away from there leaving Monica and Pari fuming.

Tolu clashes with Molu and asks why is he ignoring him. Molu says nothing like htat and hugs him. He sees Pari and Monica and walks from there.

Sona and Urmila give their gift boxes to Dharam. Monica gives a small box. Urmila taunts she was boasting of her richness, but gave small box. Monica fumes.. She asks what gift Meera buy for Dharam. Meera says she has kept special gift for Dharam in room. Meera gathers everyone for cake cutting. Dharam asks where is rest of family and asks Shravan to bring Priya/Shravan’s daughter. Meera fumes. He then calls Vidya and praises her that she single handedly takes care of whole house and continues praising. Meera gets more jealous. Monica asks Dharam to praise even Meera. He says Meera is unique.

Gopi sits on pound steps and imagines Ahem. Dr. Krishna finds her finally and smiles seeing her sitting on steps, smiling.

Vidya takes lunch box and clashes with guest. Food falls down and guest yells that she spoilt her designer sari. Meera shouts at Vidya. Dharam stops her and says she should not shout at bahu in front of everyone. Meera shouts Vidya was stealing food. Shravan interferes and says this house is also Vidya’s, so she cannot misbehave with her. Meera shouts this is her house and asks why she was stealing food. Vidya says she was taking food for Gopi and Kokila. Meera shouts at Pari and Monica if they did not prepare food for maa and dadi. Pari says they kept some leftover. Meera shouts how can they and says Daadi must have called Vidya. Vidya says she thought they must be hungry as Pari and Monica are here, so she was taking food for them. Meera then starts at Vidya again. Dharam requests her to keep her mouth shut and asks guests to enjoy food and party. Meera shouts party is over now and asks everyone to leave and pushes Monica and Pari out of house.

Precap: Kokila tells Pari that Gopi is not at home and did not inform where she went. Pari shouts she is useless. Gopi comes back and Kokila asks where did she go.

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