Meri Sasu Maa 28 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Meri Sasu Maa 28 May 2016 Written episode Update. Meri Sasu Maa today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Meri Sasu Maa 28 May 2016 Today HD Video

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The goons wait for yug to leave, through the road block, so that they can grab hold of shivpal when he comes, to rob him. yug passes from there, and leaves his stuck car behind, treading into the jungles. then as shivpal comes, he is frustrated to see the road block, and steps out of the car. the goons take this oppurtunity, to get in and taking his car, they drive off with the money, while he stands distraught, as he watches them take his car away.

In the jungles, as kaali watches from a distance, she witnesses gauri’s plight as she stands tied to a crossbow, dangling with hot boiling water underneath. the tribal people reprimand and cruse her for having done something ominously wrong, by betraying someone close to her, and ruining that person’s life. they tell her that her only salvation now is to ensure that she apologises to the lord, so that she might be saved. she vehemently protests that she didnt do anything wrong. they threaten to throw her into the boiling water. kaali senses that very soon gauri wont be able to bear it anymore, and shall succumb into a confession, and she cant allow that to happen before yug comes or else she would have lost her last chance to prove her innocence to yug. meanwhile, yug frantically rushes through the jungle, to get to them. they continue reprimanding her, and finally she agrees to confess. she blurts out everything that she did against kaali and yug, also trying to justify her actions for the same. yug hears this and is shocked, after the tribal people forgive her, and gauri hangs on the crosbow, all spent and exhausted, yug confronts her as to how he always disbelieved kaali due to her. he thrashes her and laments as to what h did by having believed in her. then he confronts kaali and apologises severely for the wrong that he did to her. they both hug each other, as she is overwhelmed to find that he finally believs her and her innocent motives. but just then, the priest comes with granny, and they both are shocked to see gauri like that, and kaali in yug’s arms. all eye each other awkwardly and tensedly. granny orders them to get gauri down. they comply. the priest eyes them frustratedly

Scene 2:
Location: Bandhavgarh resort
Sattu frustratedly picks up the cell, and continuously tries to call shivpal, but in vain, and wonders why isnt he picking up, and whats taking him so long. he then gets a call from the doctor who says that he has arrived to identify the person who got bhavna for the heart transplant. he asks the doctor to wait, while he comes to get him. the doctor complies. he then talks about the same to maasa and grnny. roop is frustrated seeing them together, and then comes to sattu and reprimands him for being here, and intentionally takes him from there, for the engagement. she says that they have already waited too long and shouldnt delay the ceremony anymore. pari and maasa are shocked. maasa wonders where shivpal is. pari is distraught as roop dons the ring on his finger, while sattu is barely able to conceal his frustration. before he has to, shivpal enters and then thanks roop for this wonderful arrangement, and excitedly gives her the gift for the ceremony. then maasa spots the doctor and asks him to identify. he hides behind a decorative ploant, and confirms that its shivpal only. she stops the ceremony, before sattu can do it too, and say that one truth still needs to be out. but whn she turns around, she doesnt find the doctor there. shivpal smirks remembering how he had spotted the doctor and glared at him, life threateningly that he went away. maasa is flustered and embarassed and leaves, while all others stand tensed. roop stands boggled. maasa is frustrated, while shivpal rushes after her. he then glaots and taunts her at her failure, and points out how he knew that the doctor told her everything. he also says that he shall keep unfoiling every attempt of hers to expose him. he leaves, while she is enraged. just then, she gets a call from the doctor, and lashes at him for running away. she doesnt realise that shivpal is at a distance listening to her. he apologises and talks about how shivpal scared him, and then tells about an evidence that can implicate shivpal, which lies in the record room, of the government hospital. she reiterates it to remember, and shivpal hence hears it too. she hastily leaves. Shivpal tells someone on the phone that rachna has got solid evidence against her, and plans to expose him. he gets enraged and before she gives the evidence to the police, he orders his people, to kill her.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Maasa successfully having retrived the file, is returning back, when the car gets stuck. she steps out of the car, and looks on the road, tensedly, when a sharp shooter aims at her, and fires, from a distance, and she immediately falls on the ground. shivpal comes out from behind, and eyes her viciously, smirking at her dead body, as she lies senseless on the ground. they together pick her up and throw her, in the river from over the cliff, having bundled her up. The screen freezes on the ripples created in the water.

Precap: Sattu gets in the water, screaming hard for maasa, and searching around for her frantically, while pari stands on the shores, apalled and distraught.

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