Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2014 Written Update

Pari says Gopi that she can do anything for Jigar but not for rest of the family. Gopi says if she wants to keep Jigar happy, she has to keep whole family happy. Pari says her stomach is full with her lecture and she will not have dinner today and says they wrongly scolded her today.
Urmila gets ready happily to travel via flight. She gets irked when Ahem brings train ticket instead and says she will not travel now. Kinjal tries to frighten her by taking Kokila’s name, but Urmila is adamant in her decision. Ahem goes to cancel train ticket and get flight ticket.
Gopi says Kokila that we cannot forgo the fact that Pari is Jigar’s wife and should forgive her. Kokila asks how can she take Pari’s side when she is wrong. Gopi says she reacted normally like any daughter would do when her dad is insulted. Kokila says you were opposing me to in accept Pari earlier, now after knowing her reality, I am opposing her. Gopi insists Kokila to forgive Pari. Ahem comes there and gets irked hearing Gopi opposing his mom’s decision and scolds her. She says Jigar’s happiness is in Pari. Ahem says he does not know all that, he just wants her to respect her mother like before. Gopi tries to justify that Pari reacted as a normal daughter would do and says we should give her one more chance. Kokila says she does not want hear anything about Pari hereon. Jigar comes there and asks what happened. Ahem and Kokila walk out.
Saath nibhana saathiya 25th November 2014 Written Update
Kokila comes down with Ahem following her and saying he will speak to Pari and everything will be alright. Jigar sees Pari busy on mobile and asks her what did she do that Kokila is angry on her. She says she did mistakes in household chores, so Kokila is angry on her. Jigar says how can she make mistakes and says he will go out of house if she continues her mistakes. Radha comes and asks Jigar why he wants to go when he has 2 wives and asks him to send out Pari instead. Pari asks how dare she is to provoke Jigar. Radha says Jigar does not love you at all. Pari slaps her.
Gopi asks Pari to calm down and says Jigar that Radha only wants to spoil happiness of our house. Pari takes Jigar to check a mail. Gopi asks Radha not to try spoiling her family’s happiness, else she will kick her out of house. Kokila is still irked that Gopi is taking Pari’s side and walks into her room.
Radha thinks Pari slapped her and if Urmila had not been murdered by her, she would have slapped Pari back.
Urmila wears burqa and reaches airport. She asks Kinjal to not wear her saris in her absence. Kinjal says she will miss her taunts and her. Urmila says even she cannot live without her. Dhaval says they both fight and even cannot live without each other, asks Urmila to leave now. Urmila hears announcement of her flight’s delay for 2 hours and thinks of staying in airport itself.
Gopi says Jigar that he has to accept the change in his life for his children and family and should accept Pari in his life. He asks how can she say this when she knows he does not have any feelings for Pari in his heart. She says she knows he loves Rashi a lot and does not like Pari and Pari is always wrong, but he cannot forgo the fact that Pari loves him a lot and did not have anyone to guide her properly. She says Pari is already married you him by law and now he should give her life and change her. He says it is impossible.
Precap: Radha is shocked to see Urmila in an auto disguised in burqa.
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