Kasam 27 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kasam 27 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Rishi was worried and tells Manpreet about Pavan’s challenge, he is sure Pavan must have hidden every proof. He is sure Pavan and Saloni has some more relation. Tannu comes there, Manpreet gets confused about being shirtless and hurries outside. Tannu tells Rishi that Bee ji sent tea for him and Raaj is calling him out. Rishi says there is no sugar, Tannu says she added. Rishi asks her to taste it, she says it’s sweet. He then enjoys the tea.
Raaj asks Tannu about Rishi, he arrives there. Rishi says he had such sweet tea in the morning, someone had poured sugar twice in it. Raaj had forgotten what he was calling him for. Bani comes to give Tannu Pavan’s call, he is bringing his designer for clothes. Tannu was reluctant, Bani insists on her to speak to him else he may mind. Rishi follows her, Bani stops his way and sends him to pick the mangal sooter from jeweler. Rishi asks to stay at home, he and Neha also need to select their clothes. Raaj asks Rishi to go and bring the jewelry and asks his help to call his friends in America before keeping dates of their wedding.
Pavan speaks to Tannu on call, he says her voice is more beautiful on phone, she looks beautiful in any dress. The designer is just a way to spend time with her. A famous designer would come to her, she doesn’t need to go out of home. He doesn’t want her to get any pains, he looks at Saloni and says I love you. Saloni comes to hug him and whispers I love you too. Tannu wonders when Rishi says this all she doesn’t dislike, but why with Pavan then. Pavan asks Saloni if she is now happy, he spoke with Tannu in soft way. Saloni was happy that now Tannu will select her wedding clothes and then her maternity clothes in a few days.
Rishi awaits the jewelry. The shopkeeper brings Neha’s Mangal Sooter that was really heavy. The shopkeeper tells him that both the orders of Pavan’s wife Saloni and Tanvi Bhabi are also ready. Rishi questions him about it in confusion, the shopkeeper says they know Saloni well, she often comes here.
Neha kneeds the dough spoiling it completely. Rano comes from behind and thinks about asking if she likes Rishi or Pavan. Neha asks if she needs something? Rano calls her to be really beautiful, Sharda brought her really well. Rano says she was connected to Rishi a long time ago and kept it really permanent. Rano tells Neha to forget for a few minutes that she is Rishi’s mum and asks what kind of boys she like. Neha demands 16 ka Dola, chest of 46 and must wear colourful short shirts. Rano could envision Pavan, Bee ji also come there and says this get up seems to be Pavan’s. She suggests about relating her to Pavan, Rishi would marry Tannu. Tannu comes to the kitchen and asks Neha to go away, she will manage the work. Rano asks for a cup of tea. Bee ji wonders how she should switch these girls, they are really grown-ups. Rano wonders how she must catch this girl red handed, and take her Rishi to America to marry him with an American.
Rishi comes out of jewelry shop and thinks about Pavan and Saloni’s talk in the car. He wonders if everyone has a misunderstanding, how this can be a coincidence. He stops watching a small temple, sits there. He shares with Goddess that Bee ji advices to remember her when life is really confused. He asks for help against Pavan, as Pavan is not a good guy. He hear shopkeeper go to Pavan’s house and apologize for being late. Rishi wonders if this was a signal, if the Goddess wants him to go to Pavan’s house where he might get a proof. He was determined now.

PRECAP: Rishi hear Saloni asking Pavan which wife he would love the most?

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