Kaala Teeka 27 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kaala Teeka 27 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kaala Teeka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Sattu is in the party. He calls pari but she is stuck in a net with the tree. Sattu says why is she not picking up her phone. Kali is in backyard, she looks for pari. Kali sees a flower and says this is the same colored flower. This has pricks. And there is no smell. please show me a way God. Yug’s life is in danger. Kali hears some voices. Pari screams.. Kali save me.
Sharmila is looking for something. Neel says what happened? She says I can’t find it anywhere. She says you heard how much pishimaa was mad about that anklet. I have lost my entire jewelry box. He says must be in the room. Sharmila says I have looked everywhere. Neel says don’t worry we will find it.
Kali says please help me God. She sees another flower. Kali says is it that flower? Kali says its the same flower.
Doctor says he is losing his breaths. Kali finds the flower. She says pari where are you? pari screams kali..

Neel comes to Manjiri. She says you need something? He says no nothing. Neel sees a jewelry box in a closet. He takes it out. Neel says this box.. what is it doing here. Manjiri says I don’t know. I gave it to sharmila. Neel says yes that is what I am asking. Why did you give her if you had to take it back. Manjiri says what are you trying to say? Neel says you know very well. I didn’t know you would stoop this low. Manjiri says I never did.. Neel says wow now you are acting smart. Vishwa says neel.. Since you have gotten married you have lost all manners. Neel says dont teach how to behave. Doesn’t suit you. Sharmila comes in and says neel.. She sees the box and says oh you found it. You were right pishimaa I am so irresponsible. You keep it safe. Neel says no. Why should you give it to someone else.
Vishwa says shame on you. Neel says she can steal I can say her that. Vishwa is about to slap him..Manjiri stops him. Manjiri says I will talk to him.
Vishwa says I know what all this is.

Kali sees pari hung with the net. Gauri is sitting with yug. She says please open your eyes. Pari says kali go from here. don’t waste time and save yug. I will be fine.Kali says I can’t leave you this way. Kali screams for help. Kali rings the nagara. Villagers come in and help pair and kali. Kali says thank you so much. But we have to leave now. Someone’s life is in danger. They say you can use that victoria.
Gauri says please do something vaid ji.ij
Roop’s friend says lets play truth and dare.
Sattu says pari and kali are not back. pari’s phone is off as well.
Roop takes dare. Her friend says kiss sattu. Roop says you are thinking about that pari?
The man taking kali and pari says those herbs even kill people. They do that in hospital and then sell patient’s organs. Pari says oh God.

Sattu says is that a sin? Roop says i didn’t say that. She was your first wife. but I know only I am in your heart now. She comes close to him. Dadi says what is this.. Our daughters have some shame.Roop says this is personal affair of me and my husband. Maa saav says then it shouldn’t happen in a party. Roop says if I don’t complete my game sattu has to give me something in return. You have to give me pari’s jewelry. Maa saab says when you become our daughter in law you will get them.Roop says you think I won’t get married? Sattu says it doesn’t matter maa saab. Roop hugs sattu. She says wow. See this is the man. He made commitment. As long as sattu is with me nothing can stop me.
Kali says please drive fast. Pari says my maa saab says nothing can kill him. Gauri tried to kill you again.but this time it hurt yug. Because of gauri yug’s life is in danger. Kali says she has always been a sister. Now I feel like I have to stop her and show her reality to yug.
Man says this cart can’t go any further. Road is blocked. They bring criminals here and make them confess. Kali says I have an idea.
Roop comes to Sattu and says you are talking to pari about my jewelry? He says yug is not well.I have to be with him. I will talk to you later.
Kali comes in and says is it the same flower? please save my husband. Kali says i won’t let anything happen to you yug. Vaid ji treats him.
Pari says maa saab sattu ji i got more info about that hospital.The villagers told us.
Sattu says why do you have bruise on your hand. She says I was stuck and got this bruise. Now what we came here for is almost accomplished. Vaid says you did so good by finding this flower. I couldn’t save his life otherwise. pari says kali deserves the credit. This is her love. Love always wins.

Next part in Meri saasu maa’s update.

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