Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 May 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 May 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Naira thinking did those men harm Akshara. She beats the men with a stick and uses pepper spray. Kartik comes and stops her, asking did she go mad, what does she want to do, did those men harm you. She says yes. He holds her and her pepper spray falls. The men attack Kartik. He falls down. The men laugh and take the spray. They say no one will save you now. Naira gets tensed and shouts for help. Kartik gets up and saves Naira. He asks them to leave the girl.

He fights with the goons. The man hits Naira and Kartik hugs her. He gets beaten up and then kicks the guy. The fight continues. Kartik beats all of men. The goons run away. Kartik turns and sees Naira gone. He says strange, she did not even say thanks, fine I will settle scores with her, we will meet again.

Naitik says I will leave now. Mishti greets him. Naitik hugs her and thanks her. Gayu packs the snacks for Naitik. Mishti asks Naitik not to go today, if Naira comes with Akshara tomorrow…. Naitik hugs Mishti. Bhabhimaa says maybe this time… this will turn true. Naira cries and thinks Akshara reached Dharamshala, thank God. She tells Pungi that Akshara is her mum. She cries and hugs Pungi. Pungi asks her to meet her mum, by signing her. Naira says I won’t meet her, she is dead for me, I don’t know what type of mum is she, I know you will ask me to value my mum, but I left my family because of her, just because of her greatness. Naira asks her not to say anything about this truth to anyone, else she will leave from here also. She goes. Pungi prays. Naira wishes she forgets everything and gets rid of Akshara.

Naksh and Naitik are on the way. Naksh asks him not to go, I know you don’t want to leave, why are you killing your heart…. The car stops and does not get started. Naksh checks the car and says I think its damaged. Naitik says I won’t get taxi at this time. A man passes by and radio plays some lullaby. Naitik hears it. Naksh says I tried to repair, maybe it will start. The car starts. Naitik and Naksh leave. Naitik gets message that flight is two hours delayed.

Its morning, Kartik tells his friends that he booked morning flight so that he can sleep, and you guys got me here at ghat. He sees Naira there and calls her Miss thankless. She is lost and goes. He says I don’t know her problem. His friend takes him along.

Kohli asks his wife to take leave from job today, they can go for movie and lunch. She asks where will we leave Happy. He sees Rajshri and says I got an idea. Negi asks kids will they not eat food made by him, will they just have breakfast made by Tina. Akshara comes and says Tina did not come to meet me, and you can deposit cheque once papers get approved. He says thanks, I will get tea. She asks kids to have snacks. Pungi sees her and recalls Naira’s words. Akshara goes to her and asks about the dress she worn that day, did Tina gave her, where is Tina, I did not meet her.

She sees hand impressions and asks about Tina’s hand impressions. Pungi shows the impressions. Akshara gets shocked and recalls Naira. Naira makes hands impression and shows Akshara. Akshara explains her the lines on hand, their meaning. She feels Naira made this mark. The kids sing Naira’s lullaby, which Akshara used to sing for Naira. She cries and says this lullaby who sung this for you. They kids say Tina. Akshara asks Negi where did he get Tina, who was in her family. The kid says Udaipur…..Negi says I told you that day, Tina hates Udaipur, she went to station when she came but did not meet you. Akshara asks where is she now. Negi says she goes to ghat every morning and starts day by Ganga’s blessings.

Gayu makes a floral hair band for Akshara and says I m making this for Akshara. Devyaani says no one could cope up with the situation since Naira went. Gayu says I will try to give happiness to Akshara, if Naira comes, happiness will get double up. Naksh says you are really mum’s shadow, you are talking like her. Gayu says I have to become her princess now. Akshara runs saying I knew Tina is Naira….

Naitik is at airport and says flight is more two hours late…. A lady asks her daughter Naira to stop. Naitik looks on and gets restless thinking someone is pulling him back, so that I don’t leave.

Kohli asks Rajshri to manage Happy and lies that they have go to hospital to see some relative. Rajshri says fine, when will you come back, we also have to go somewhere. Kohli says we will come in 2-3 hours. He leaves with his wife.

Akshara runs to the ghat and sees Naira. She calls out Naira…. Naira turns and sees her. Akshara smiles and cries happily. Sone chudiya…………..plays…………. Naira cries too.

Akshara cries and hugs Naira. Naira pushes her back angrily. Akshara gets shocked.

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