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The Episode starts with Swadheenta trying to make Adarsh wear the garland. He teases her. Shraddha gets the stool for Swadheenta. Jaidev and Ahuja lift Adarsh. She finally puts garlands in Adarsh’s neck. Adarsh gets a garland for her, and she moves back. He makes her wear garlands. They all smile and shower flowers on the bride and groom. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile seeing each other.

Mami asks Mamu why does daughters leave parents’ house. Waiter gives the gift box and says you forgot this in the car. Mamu keeps the gift box on the table. Yash tells officers about three spots, which are very close. Officer asks which is the place where there is less crowd, its not possible to stop the blast. Yash says its possible and asks Abhay to send some pictures to all teams, they got it from Arvind’s flat. Abhay asks his assistant to send all pictures to control room. He goes.

Swadheenta waits for Asad. Pandit asks Suhasini to get the bride, its mahurat time. Swadheenta asks Mamu for Asad. She asks them to go, and calls Asad. Asad answers call and says I m stuck in some work, I will come. She scolds him and says I won’t take pheras if you don’t come. He asks what are you saying, you take pheras. She says Mamu is right, you are useless and irresponsible, you don’t return and die. She ends call and he cries saying my enemies will die. He wishes Lord to calm down Swadheenta’s anger and always keep her happy.

Adarsh and Swadheenta sit in mandap and rituals start. Swadheenta and Radhika wait for Asad. Adarsh finds her sad and says Asad will come in some time, if you look so upset, people will think I m forcing you for marriage, smile. Pandit asks them to stand up for pheras. Ahuja asks them to stand up for seven rounds. Pandit asks them to go ghatbandhan. Jaidev and Jaya do ghatbandhan. Pandit asks bride to come forward and start the pheras. Adarsh gets forward from 4th round. The gift box with bomb is shown. Abhay and Asad are on the way. Abhay tells his senior that he tightened security at airport and train station. He says once I get them, I won’t leave them.

Asad asks did you get to know about spot 2 and 3. Arvind is on the way and sees police checking happening at the signal/checkpost. Rajesh says the day is unlucky, spot 1 failed and I don’t see any chance to reach spot 2. Arvind says they are finding us, by using our pics, I will go and see. Bilal stops him and asks what are you doing, they have your pic. Arvind says its not my pics, its their pic. Ravi and Rajesh get worried. Arvind goes to see and talks to a constable. He goes back to his car and asks his friends to hide their faces. He takes the car other way.

Pandit says pheras got completed, now change your places…. Adarsh and Swadheenta swap their places. Pandit asks Adarsh to fill sindoor in bride’s maang. Jaya stops him and asks him to apply sindoor by his ring. Suhasini says Jaya remembers everything. Jaya smiles and sees Jaidev. Adarsh applies sindoor using his ring. Everyone smile. Pandit asks groom to make bride wear the mangalsutra. Adarsh makes Swadheenta wear the mangalsutra. They both smile. More jiya……plays…………. Everyone clap.

Simmi waits for Abhay and thinks where is he. Shraddha jokes asking Swadheenta to touch Adarsh’s feet. Swadheenta bends. Jaya stops her. Shraddha jokes and laughs. Pandit asks groom and bride to take parents’ blessings. Adarsh and Swadheenta take elders’ blessing.

Adarsh looks for his shoes. Shraddha asks for 50000rs for shoes. Adarsh says sure, Jaidev…. Jaidev says fine. Shraddha says Adarsh is best jiju in this world. Jaidev shows the new shoes. They all laugh. Shraddha says this is cheating. Jaidev says shoes worth 50000rs, you thought just you are smart. Shraddha says Swadheenta married a miser. Adarsh wears the new shows.

Shraddha goes on stage and congratulates the newly weds. She says Swadheenta Ramakrishnan has become Swadheenta Sinha now. Everyone clap. Shraddha says its not just a new name’s start, but a new start of a relation, people say new generation don’t know much about relations, so we planned a game, our generation rocks, this bowl has Sinha family’s son and bahu’s names, they would come here and tell about their fav relations. She takes the chit and says Jaidev would be coming first. They all ask Jaidev to go.
Jaidev does on stage. He says I m sorry, I m getting nervous, my fav relation… I think its one which brings a smile on your face, which shows care and concern towards you, which you live, not just keep….. Jaya looks at him. Jaidev says I want to say this on stage. Mama ji’s phone rings. Jaidev asks him to keep phone on silent. He asks everyone to keep phone on silent mode, as he is feeling nervous. He says I feel my fav relation is my wife Jaya and my relation. Jaya smiles getting surprised. Everyone smile and clap.

Arvind is on the way. Rajesh asks if we get caught then, the spot is other way, if we cancel this spot. Arvind says police will not leave you even if blasts does not happen, your death will not go waste, blasts will happen, its on you, you want to die while fighting or not. Rajesh asks what do we have to do. Bilal smiles seeing Arvind. Arvind says you have to make Delhi taste some biryani with explosives. Bilal gives a tiffin to Rajesh. Ravi asks how will we take this inside mall. Arvind says Bilal is with you to manage all that.

Arvind starts the bomb timer. Rajesh and Ravi stand in shock. Abhay jumps to stop Arvind and Bilal. Rajesh and Ravi die as their explosive jackets blew off. Asad gets shocked seeing the blast and says it means next spot is freedom’s marriage. Swadheenta is seen smiling.

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