Parvarish Season 2 26 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Parvarish Season 2 26 May 2016 Written episode Update. Parvarish Season 2 today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Parvarish Season 2 26 May 2016 Today HD Video

Suri and Kulvinder with nurse and police reach jungle and start searching children. Ria, Adi, and Jassi hide. Sumedh beats Jogi and warns them to come out, else he will shoot Jogi. Jogi shouts not to come. Sumedh punches him and points gun at him. Adi and Jassi come out and request not to shoot Jogi. Sumedh asks Ria to come out and save her partner who always helped her. Jogi asks not to come out. Sumedh shoots in air. Ria comes out and requests him to leave Jogi. Sumedh pushes Jogi towards Jassi and Adi. Ria comes towars him, pushes him and runs asking even her friends to run. Sumedh gets up and runs behind Ria.

Adi, Jogi and Jassi continue to run. Jassi says one has to party ways to inform someone and stop Raj from giving posionous injection to minister. Jogi asks her to take care of herself and she leaves. Jogi and Adi then continue walking.

Sumedh catches Ria and he says he does not want to hurt her. She says why he wants to kill minister via her papa. He starts his story that he was an army officer and just for a small mistake minister did his court marshall, so he wanted to take revenge from minister. He heard that Raj is minister’s doc, so he hatched a plan of SOTY and entered Ria’s school as teacher.

Raj prepares injection and gives it to minister. Minister feels drowsy and falls unconscious with open eyes. Goon calls Sumedh and says mission is complete. Sumedh tells Ria that her papa loves her a lot and did his work, he is free now and even she should. He is about to shoot her when she throws mud on his face and runs. She slips and hits her head on a stone and falls in lake. Jassi hears her shout and runs towards her and sees her in water. She reminisces her mammaji’s moral gyaan and jumps into late to save Ria. She wakes up Ria and gets her out of lake. Sumedh comes back and catches them.

Precap: Jogi holds gun on Sumedh and warns him to leave Ria. Sumedh’s goon shoots and it one of 4 students.

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