Sasural Simar Ka 25 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sasural Simar Ka 25 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Sid sees prerna’s dupatta. He says whose dupata is that. Sid sees prerna in the balcony. He is shocked. He says what are you doing prerna stop. Sid runs upstairs and sees her on the edge. He holds her hand and saves her. Sid says open your eyes prerna. Simar(bee) says thank God he reached on right time. Sid takes her to bed. He says should I tell everyone or wait for her to get up? He sits next to her.
Sid falls asleep there too. Fake simar and maani see them. Fake simar says this sid ruined everything.

Next morning, prerna wakes up. Her hand is sid’s hand. She caresses his face and looks at his picture with roli. Sid says are you okay? Prerna says yes why? what am I doing here? Sid says you don’t remember what happened last night? She says what? He says you were on terrace. He tells her everything. Prerna says how is that possible. I was attempting suicide? This is impossible. I am psychiatrist. Sid says that is what I was wondering. He says but thats truth. You were trying to jump from terrace.
Everyone is on breakfast. Uma says where are sid and prerna. Mata ji says we should talk to sid what he thinks about pererna. What you all think? Sattu says is it right time? Mata ji says one day or other we have to talk to him into this. Sujata says we should wait for right time. Sid comes downstairs. sujata says we were talking about you. Why are you so lost? Sid says nothing. Mata ji says come have breakfast. Sid says what should I do? should I tell them about last night or not?
Simar says you look worried? Like you couldn’t sleep. And what was prerna doing in your room? Everyone is shocked. Simar says I saw preran coming out of your room. She was looking worried. Mataji says what is its sid? Sid tells them everything.

Doctor checks prerna. mata ji says wait prerna. Prerna says get out. I don’t want any check up.Maani says her mind is not in her control. Mataji says let him check you.prerna says please ask him to get out. Sid says prerna it will take two minutes. Prerna grasps his collar and says you called him? you think I am mad. I don’t wanna listen to anything. Simar says leave him, we are thinking for your better. Prerna shoves simar. prem says are you out of your mind? She locks herself in the room.Mata ji says I hope she doesn’t do anything extreme. Mata ji says she has done this before. She would lock herself in room. She will come out when she is calm. Mataji apologizes the doctor.
Sid keeps knocking prerna’s door. Sid says what is she doing? Maani comes and says don’t worry sid we are all here. We will find out a way. She will be okay. Sid says I wanted to say something i was wrong perhaps. Its better that simr brought you here. Maani holds his hand and says I know you are worried.

Maani sits in front of mirror and says I can make anyone fall for my looks. How will you control yourself sid. Seeing me this way you wont be able to stop yourself. You would come near me.. simar(bee) comes there. SHe starts irritating maani. Maani tries to kill her and slaps her own self. She keeps slapping herself. Mani says my face is all red. How will I go to sid now.

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