Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25 May 2016 Written episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya today and Latest Written story.

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Sona’s children call her jhansi ki rani and she scolds them not to call jhansi ki rani. Mother and children nok jhok starts. Dr. Krishna comes to check Kokila and Kokila expresses her concern for Gopi’s condition and says Gopi has lost hope in life and she wants her to be back to normal. Man promises that he will give a new life to Gopi.

Sona and her children’s nok jhok continues. She interferes between Jigar and Tolu and sorts their fight.

Dr. Krishna continues assuring Kokila that Gopi will be back to normal soon. Monica comes and asks doc if his treatment is done, can she take Kokila with her. Kokila walks with Mona to Pari’s room. Pari starts crying that because of Kokila and continues yelling. Monica yells that because of Kokila, momji is crying always. Pari says she is getting money food and treatment, everything, then why she is interfering in everything.

Dr. Krishna enters and to lighten the moment asks Pari her yoga teacher’s number. Pari asks why he needs it. He says one of her patient has put on weight and he has given her example how fit she is, so patient also wants to hire her yoga teacher. Pari smiles and asks to stop buttering her and gives number.

Kokila enters Gopi’s room and sees earphone and music player in her ears and asks who played this prank. Dr. Krishna enters behind her and says he did it as he feels Gopi’s condition will get better with music. Kokila says his therapy will not work. Dr. Krishna continues taking care of Gopi and Kokila continues worrying for Gopi.

Precap: Dr. Krishna braids Gopi’s hair and applies kajal into her eyes and says Kokila that he does it for special patient.

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