Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25 May 2016 Written episode Update. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat today and Latest Written story.

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Dharma tells Bhupal’s mother about Devi. She kept talking nonstop. She was very much attached to Vit. Kaki says you were very much attached to her as well which is why you are thinking about her. Dharma hopes Devi is safe wherever she is.

Nirankush is making Dhaniram pull the cart in which Devi has been jailed. He hits Dhaniram with a whip. Devi shouts at him. please don’t hurt my father. nirankush laughs. What if I touch you then? Dhaniram pleads him not to do anything to his daughter. Nirankush talks to someone who will teach him a lesson. You have made people your servant. Now you will become my servant. Entire Ujjaini will see what will happen with your daughter. Devi gets scared.

Kaki says I will distribute sweets in Rajgir when Bhupal will come back as the winner. Vit comes and takes some ladoos. I cannot wait anymore. Dharma smiles. He has gone after his brother. She stops as she was about to say Ashoka. Chand too was like him when he was a kid. He too couldn’t resist ladoos.

Garud neighs. Ashoka tells him to stop but Garud neighs again. Ashoka looks at him. He notices a few men brining Bhupal’s dead body. A man shares that Bhupal couldn’t withstand Sushim. He attacked Bhupal in such a barbaric way that Bhupal died. He goes. Ashoka feels helpless. Another person lost his life because of that devil today yet I couldn’t do anything!

Kaki cries seeing her son lying lifeless before her. All the citizens are in tears too. Vit hugs his brother as he is scared.

Bindu takes aarti and Prasad from Shubhrasi. He is going to Nalanda. Sushim has done something good after years. He has organized a wrestling match and included citizens in it. I think I should go there to encourage him. She says I feel the same way. Your presence will give strength to your beloved son there. Charu walks in. Shubhrasi excuses herself. Charu is happy to see Bindu going to Nalanda. Sushim will be so happy. He may be tough but his heart is filled with love and respect for you. he cannot express it. He wants to be like you to help the citizens and Maurya lineage reach new heights. Bindu says I know my son well. You don’t need to tell me about him. He leaves. Charu is irked. Those people did leave Magadh but they still have a place in your heart. I don’t like it! Time has come. Ashoka will shed more blood than the amount of tears I have shed. My son has created such a trap for your son this time that he will surely die. My Sushim will sit on Magadh’s throne then. It will be made final with Ashoka’s death.

Dharma says I am also sad by Bhupal’s death. I too feel sad for Shanti but your motive isn’t right. I am afraid of your aggressive behaviour. Don’t expect me to allow you to participate in any fight or competition till you learn to control your anger. I cannot allow you to ignite your anger again which I have managed to do in these years with a lot of difficulty. Ashoka reasons that if he does not go then Hari will go. Kaki will lose her other son too. I wont let it happen. Never!

Kaurvaki is getting ready. Bela says you are getting ready since morning. She teases Kaurvaki on her beauty. Rajkumar wont be able to look away from your face. He wont care about your dress up or anything. Kaurvaki smiles. Bela tells her to hurry up. What if Rajkumar heads to some other place before you reach there? She puts a kala teeka behind Kaurvaki’s ears. Kaurvaki asks her to pray that she finally gets to meet Ashoka today. She goes. Bela prays for her.

Mahamatya says what if he wont come before us. He would have come by now. I am keeping an eye on all the participants. No one is even close to him. Did he actually turn into a mouse by running away all these years? Or he might have gotten to know about your strength and have given up on the idea of taking revenge from you? Sushim replies that people who think from mind change their decision as per the situation. Ashoka thinks from heart. I am sure he will come this time to die by my hands. He angrily hits at the wall. A crack appears. Mahamatya looks scared.

Hari refuses to let Ashoka go there. Sushim is my culprit. He has killed my brother. Only I have the right to take revenge. I might die but wont give up. Ashoka tells him not to be emotional. What if something happens to you? Think about your mother. Hari knows his mother is not weak. She has lost her husband and her son here only. It is about Rajgir and its pride. Ashoka understands and respects his emotions but knows that no one can withstand Sushim. Hari asks him if he will be able to do it. No one could do it even after practising for many years. Will you? Ashoka looks at the Mugdar. He decisively walks up to it. I am sorry to do it. I have to showcase my strength to save your (he says it to Bhupal’s father) son. Everyone looks at him in awe as he pulls it out of earth in one go. He hits it back in the ground. Everyone gathers around him. It has gone deeper than before. They all kneel down before him and fold their hands. Kaki comes there too. God can be upset with the poor but will not leave us. I am sure you will take revenge for my son’s death. You will get him justice. Dharma agrees. Not Hari but my son Chand will go in the competition now. Ashoka is thrilled. You have allowed me to go? You are allowing me to take revenge for Bhupal’s death? She nods. He hugs her. Ashoka thinks I am really happy. you have begun the end of the tapasya of 10 years now by agreeing me to go there.

Precap: Ashoka picks up the cloth that Dharma wore while leaving Patliputra. I will take this with me today. Sushim kills some other participant as well. Vit demands to know the truth from his mother. It is time that I should know the truth. Who is Bindusar and SUshim? What’s their relation with Bhaiya? Dharma looks at him in shock.

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