Mere Angne Mein 25 May 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Riya saying this is my family and asks Anupam to not do this, he has no right to take step against her family. Inspector says we have seen you in locked room, we can’t leave them till Anupam takes report back. Riya asks Anupam to take complaint back, if he loves her. Inspector asks them to solve matter at home and take complaint back by coming to police station. He goes. Anupam tells Riya that these people are not suitable for you. She says its my family, this is my fight, you don’t get in this. Anupam says do what you want, and goes. Riya cries. Everyone look on.

Shanti blames Riya for ruining the peace and troubling them. She cries. Shivam looks on. Pari thinks to teach Nimmi a lesson. She sees Sujeev and starts acting. He asks why are you crying. She asks him to permit her to go to her home, everyone insults me here, I have no respect. He asks what happened. She says Nimmi was going to her Maayka, I just asked her where is she going, she asked who am I to ask her and twisted my hand. He asks what, come with me.

Nimmi waits to get auto and says if I don’t go early, how will I come back early. Constable goes to meet Riya. Sarla and Shanti get shocked. Everyone come there. Constable says we came to take Riya’s statement, she has told us she has life risk from her family. Riya says yes, but now I want to take my complaint back. She cries and signs on papers. She sends him. Shivam gets angry and stares at her being disappointed.

Shanti starts crying. Shivam asks Riya what is this drama, your Papa did report, fine, but why you, who wants to kill you. Riya says I m sorry, when I got to know Dadi is not kidnapped and she is in some Dharamshala, I complaint thinking Dadi is planning against me. He asks what nonsense, Dadi just came and you are blaming her. He scolds Riya. Sarla asks what is this happening. Riya cries. Sarla tells Shanti that everything is happening good.

Sujeev asks Sharmili to see whats happening here, Pari is leaving home, I will also leave home with her. Pari says no, we will not leave from here, I don’t want a mother to get away from a son. He praises Pari and says Nimmi misbehaved with Pari, don’t let her enter home. Pari says if Nimmi gets police and Sharmili goes to jail, I can’t see this. Sharmili stops Pari and asks is it done, I will tell truth. She takes Pari’s phone and says I will show you Pari’s pic when Nimmi took permission from me. Sujeev sees the pic. Pari gets tensed.

Kaushalya tells Riya that when Shivam got his love and married you, Shivam got his happiness, now I m cursing that day, you wanted to send Raghav to jail who always supported you, when you leave this house, I will celebrate grand way, I promise. She asks Chanda to help her. Preeti asks Kaushalya for food. Kaushalya asks her to go and take. Preeti gets annoyed and says fine, I will go and take food. Riya cries. Nandu goes to her. He tells Riya that I m sure you and Anupam did not do anything to make Shanti missing, if you need any help, tell me, I m always there. Riya thanks him and goes. Preeti heard him and asks Nandu what was he talking. Nandu goes.

Sarla comes home and finds home well arranged. Nirmala asks what happened. Sarla says I got surprised seeing the house looking so good, but see don’t waste kitchen items, I don’t like wasting money. Nirmala says if ration ends, I will get by my money, as you gave me place to stay in your room. Sarla gets glad and asks her not to take money from Ashok. Nirmala asks Sarla to wait, I made lep for you, you will look beautiful, come and sit. Sarla gets overjoyed and taunts Rani.

Riya thinks whats my mistake in this, why id Shivam doing this with me. She goes upstairs. Kaushalya says don’t know why is Riya going there now. Shivam is on phone and tells his friend that he has some personal problems, he can’t come. Riya goes to Shivam and asks what are you telling me you will leave me, why did you get after me then. He says you were after me, I was not. She asks did you not love me. He says I loved you, but you did not understand my love, you did not adjust in this house.

She says fine, its all my mistake, you can tell me directly that you like some other girl. He asks are you mad, you crossed all limit by saying this, you ended the leftover respect in our relation, get out of my room. She says sorry, I won’t go. He says fine, I will go. He goes out and sees Kaushalya. He asks Kaushalya not to get in between them, its no use to talk, our house broke because of my marriage, I m sorry. He goes. Kaushalya says Riya you did wrong to upset Shivam so much. She goes. Riya thinks I wanted to keep everyone happy, till I prove that I m not the reason of all this, I will not leave.

Shanti scolds Riya and curses her. Riya looks at her.

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