Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 May 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 May 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Akshara running to Pungi and asking her about Naira’s dress. She cries and says I identify my daughter’s dress. Pungi is not able to say anything. Varsha says this is not Naira’s dress. Akshara kisses the dress and asks Pungi to say. Negi says some women agreed to give donation, and asks Naira to meet them. Naira goes to them, and till then Varsha takes away Akshara with her. Naira asks where did that aunty go. Pungi shows that way. Negi says Tejani is cheap man, he removed our ashram name from the list, but those women are good, they read pamphlet and came to talk.

Gayu thinks to talk to Akshara. Karishma badly scolds her and asks her not to interfere in Mishti’s life. Devyaani scolds Karishma and asks her to say sorry to Gayu. Gayu says no need. Karishma gets annoyed and leaves. Gayu says I know I m part of this family, whatever anyone say, I will always belong to this family.

Kartik sees Akshara unwell and goes to her. He asks are you fine, can I help. Varsha says she gets asthma attack sometimes. He says I will call doctor. Akshara stops him. He says fine, I will get coffee. Akshara says that was Naira’s dress and cries. Kartik hears them. He gives them coffee.

Naitik says I have to leave tomorrow. Gayu says I will do the packing. Naitik says you do your work, I will manage. Gayu says no, I will do. Naitik asks Naman to hire someone. Naman says I will manage work. Naitik says no, you will be busy in bigger works, hire some assistant. Naman says fine, I know someone. Naitik says no, hire someone according to company policy. Naman gets upset. Naksh asks Naitik can’t he stay back. Naitik says I wanted to but…

Gayu asks Varsha how is Akshara’s health. Varsha says they are fine. Gayu tells everyone that I felt Akshara is not fine, Varsha ended call and said they have to prepare for puja. Bhabhimaa says we will do puja here, we will see how Lord does not answer our prayers this time. Gayu says yes, Lord has to give our Naira back.

The kids go to wish Naira at night. They sing happy birthday. Naira says its not my birthday. Negi says the day you came here is your birthday. They all take her for cake cutting. Naira cuts the cake. They all clap. Akshara, Naitik and Naksh recall Naira and are sad. Is bagiya se…..plays………… Naitik cries and talks to Akshara. They both cry recalling Naira. Varsha comes to Akshara and sees her crying. Gayu asks Naitik to sleep now, its late night, you have to wake up early tomorrow.

Its morning, Akshara and Naira walk to the ganga ghat. Some Sadhus pass by flying the red color. It goes in Naira’s eyes. Naira rubs her eyes and walks downstairs. Naira says mumma….. Akshara looks at her. Naira slips and Akshara holds her. Hare Rama……plays………….. Akshara gets Naira’s feel by hugging her and recalls Naira.

A man calls out Tina and asks her to come along. Naira’s cards fall and she goes. Akshara says she is Naira…. She gets her card and says Tina, who is this Tina, why does she collide with me, she was going to take me from station, she saved my purse, its same ashram where I saw girl wearing Naira’s clothes. She cries.

Kartik comes to Akshara and takes her to ashram. Gayu and Naksh ask Naitik to come and pray, Lord will agree soon if more people pray. Naitik says I will sit in the puja. Bhabhimaa tells Rajshri that Gayu made a special place in Naitik and Akshara’s life. Rajshri agrees.

Varsha says where did you go Akshara, I thought we lost Naira, and would lose you too. She cries and hugs Akshara, saying sorry I was much scared, if anything happens to you then…. Look at me. Akshara cries and says that was Naira. Varsha asks where, where did you meet her. Akshara shows Tina’s card and says she is my Naira. Varsha says I understand why did you feel so, you saw that dress and thinking this, it does not mean Tina is Naira. Akshara says I m saying truth, she was Naira. Varsha says puja will start now, we will find her, we will get her as we are doing puja for her. Kartik asks Akshara are you fine. He says yes, I recalled someone. He says when any loved one goes away, we can just miss that person. She asks did you also… He says leave it, and smiles.

Kartik says I will come in puja after dropping a friend, just pray I get a job. She gives him best wishes. He says even your wishes will be fulfilled, you will get your daughter, I heard your talk, don’t lose courage, I will meet you at ghat. He goes. She calls Negi and says we are keeping puja at ghat, an you get ashram kids there, if they take Prasad, puja’s motive will be fulfilled, we will talk about donation there. Negi says yes, we will come there. She thanks him.

Naira gets shocked seeing Akshara and tries to run away. She falls down.

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