Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24 May 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Sumo requests Nirmala aunty to tell. I understand that it is your personal matter but I have to know what happened 10 years ago that a mother got away from her son. Please tell me.

Shravan is looking at his childhood photos. He thinks of all the memories associated with the photos. He gets upset and closes the album. Pushkar comes there to ask him about some case. He notices Shravan’s expressions and gets concerned. Is everything ok? Shravan says I don’t know. I cannot understand anything. I feel as if the past is following me. I feel really weird. Pushkar tells him to relax. It happens in everyone’s life at times. We feel we have no control over life. We feel uneasy. Shravan reasons it is different. I feel someone is around me who wants to meet me, talk to me but!

Sumo prods Nirmala aunty again. Give me one chance. Why do you think you have lost Shravan? Nirmala aunty replies that he hates her. You saw it with your own eyes. Sumo calls it anger. I know how much he missed you. He only pretends to hate you. He is angry as you dint come to meet him in those 10 years. We get upset with the ones we love. I don’t think there is any anger which cannot be taken care of. I will help you. But it important for me to know what happened 10 years ago to do so. Nirmala aunty asks her if she knows what the toughest thing to do in this world is. It is to be a woman, especially an independent one. I was also an independent woman.

A flashback is shown. Nirmala comes home late. Ramnath argues with her and blames her for spending time with someone else in the name of overtime. She leaves it on his thoughts. Flashback ends.

Ram had problem with me working since the beginning. His practise wasn’t working. He began to crib and taunt me all the time. It is no problem when a man goes out to work and his wife manages the house. But a husband cannot digest it easily that a woman begins to earn more than him. His practise began slowly. He got his first case because of Tiwari Ji. Our days changed but Ram’s mind dint. He doubted me still. One day it crossed all the limits.

Another flashback is shown. Ramnath tells Nirmala to leave her job. We don’t need such money. She asks him if he thinks she was doing something wrong which is why she got the job! You have such low thinking. He argues with her. if it was some other man than me then he wouldn’t have borne it at all! I am such a good husband. She calls him bad. He slaps her. She refuses to stay back anymore with him.

Ahuja (her boss) tries to make Nirmala understand. She reasons that she did so much for her home, her family. What did I get in return? He tells her to go home right away. We regret the decisions we take in anger. She denies. Ram could never understand me. He never understood how much Shravan is getting affected by all this. Ahuja comforts her (maybe the same scene Ram showed to Shravan).

Nirmala says Ahuja sir was very nice. He couldn’t even think of hurting anyone. But they say, we see what we believe in. Ram was only jealous, insecure and angry on us. He couldn’t see anything else. Sumo asks her if she dint go back home. Nirmala replies that she went there to get Shravan but only got divorce papers.

Flashback shows Ramnath refusing to let Nirmala take Shravan with her. He calls her a characterless woman. She tells him she will file a case for her son’s custody. He tells her to go ahead if she wants her son to lose his innocence in the court because of all the questions he will ask. Do it if you want this. She cries and signs the papers. You are forgetting that I am his mother. A mother can do anything but not wish wrong for her son. I can do one thing though. I will not let even my shadow fall on him but one thing is for sure. You will live in my shadow for all your life. She hands over the divorce papers to him angrily and walks out of the house. Flashback ends.

Everything broke apart that day. My dreams, my wishes, my family and my marriage! Sumo is shocked to know the truth. You could have tried to make uncle understand. Nirmala says I told you that it is toughest job to be a woman in this world. It isn’t that this wouldn’t have happened if I had left the job. It would have. The person who gets doubt once keeps on doubting forever. Ahuja Sir was only an excuse. Ram would have joined my name with anyone else too. Sumo asks her if she ever tried to meet Shravan. Nirmala denies. Ram would have lived up to his words then. I am sure he would prove me wrong before Shravan. What could I have done with his custody then? I thought that it is good that my son is happy atleast, even if he is far from me. I have got to know that Ram did what he always wanted to. He filled my son’s heart with hatred. My son hates me!

Sumo helps aunty sit up on the bed. Nirmala continues to cry. Sumo gives her water. Nirmala says if it wasn’t for Sir then I would have broken down completely. He gave me so much work that I dint get time to think of anything else. He fell ill later. He handed over the responsibility of his business and kids to me. His wife passed away some years ago. Sumo is confused. NIrmala calls him her mentor. Sumo is shocked. It is such a big misunderstanding. Not just Shravan but uncle too has this misunderstanding. Try to talk him once. Nirmala refuses. He would have understood it long ago if he wished to. Sumo says it will only increase the misunderstanding. Nirmala tells her that there is no point reviving the old wounds. Let it happen as it is going on. Sumo wants to try once but Nirmala does not want to go back to the past. Whatever happened between me and Ram, he still gave all the possible means to Shravan. He gave him a very good upbringing.

Dhurandhar brings food for Shravan. He acts before him that he does not have money to pay to the delivery guys even so he came himself. Shravan gives him water. Dhurandhar shares his problems of needing rent. Shravan says you are such a big chef. How do you lack money? Dhurandhar replies that in their business people take money as a loan. Shravan pays him money. Your kitchen should not close down. Dhurandhar thanks him. I will pay you back soon. Shravan says no need to rush.

Dhurandhar collides with an employee outside. The guy recognizes him. Shravan tells him that he is the same chef who made that special Daal. The guy says he is good for nothing. He can never cook anything. He can only talk.

Dhurandhar thinks to take money from Shravan every month from now onwards. Guard stops him from going out of the office as per Shravan’s orders. Shravan comes and slaps him. tell me the truth or I will take you to police station. Dhurandhar tells him everything. I did everything as per Sumo’s order. She only made that Daal. Shravan is taken aback.

Precap: Shravan calls Sumo. You think I will never find out the truth? She replies that she hid truth from him for some reason only. He gets angry. Reason my foot! I don’t care where you are right now and with whom. Come to my office right away. She gets tensed.

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