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Krishnadasi 24 May 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Aryan says you can do drama, he moves away, Aradhya slips due to handcufss tied to them, she falls on Aryan, Aryan pushes her away, they feel awkward. Aryan sits on stool, she says will is stand here? i want to sit too, Aryan says sit silently. Aradhya sits on floor, Aryan is pulled closer to her and falls from stool due to handcuffs tied to them. Aryan sits beside Aradhya. Aradhya says i want to drink water, Aryan doesnt get up and says everything will not work according to you, i dont want to drink water so sit here silently, i will break your hand then you can go to drink water, Aradhya taunts that you couldnt break handcuffs, how will you break my hand?
Its night, Aradhya is sleeping while sitting only, she lies her head on carton, Aryan tries to sleep in sitting position but is not able to balance. Aryan falls asleep and lies his head on Aradhya’s shoulder, tum hi toh jaan plays.
Tulsi and Daminis are searching hospital files. Damini says i dont understand this child swapping thing, Tulsi says let me find out proof then i will tell you everything. Tulsi finds file no. 317, she opens file to see papers gone from there, Damini says it seems like someone has taken these papers from this file, Tulsi says i will find out truth at any cost, she thinks that Aayia knows everything, i dont know what she is hiding and why? but i will solve this mystery.
Its morning, Aryan is sleeping on Aradhya’s shoulder in store room. Aradhya wakes up and caresses his hair, she recalls their past moments, how they used to tease eash other, how Aryan proposed her and hugged her, how she broke watermelon on his head, she laughs remembering that, Aryan falls off from her shoulder and wakes up, they look at each other, he says have you gone mad? you are laughing? ARadhya says i dont need your permission to laugh, Aryan asks if her drama is done or will he have to sit with her whole day? he asks her to give key, she says you cant leave now, Aryan grabs her face and says what you want? you think that you will keep sitting with me here and i will melt down? this might your way of devdasi to trap man, Aradhya says what you are doing? your Rao family has habit of keeping women on shoes, you dont respect them, you think that every girl just want to lure you, you think i am trying to trap you as devdasi? Aradhya opens hancuffs and says go Aryan, i am freeing you but remember wherever you will go, you will find me only, Aryan kicks box in anger and leaves from there, Aradhya sits there sadly.
Chimaji recalls how Tulsi brought jewelry to him and said that this is money sent by aaba as he has bought your daughter, you can use this money as charity. He tries to calm down. One villager comes there with his daughter Janki, father says that i married my daughter Janki but her husband beats her and threw her out of house, Aaba is not helping me, if you do something then she will go back to her inlaws, it was my mistake, i should have found out about guy before marrying her off to him, its father’s duty to protect his daughter, Chimaji says you are right, its father’s duty to protect her and give her good life, parent’s mistake should not pain their children, i bless your daughter to have good husband, father and Janki leaves. Chimaji says to his worker that i will not do pooja, you do it, i have some important work, he leaves.
Kumudini has hiccups, she says it seems like aaba is missing me. She is cooking food and says i am cooking this for you aaba, i will mix so much spice in it that he will keep coughing. Tulsi comes and asks what new thing is she cooking? Kumudini says where were you whole night? what you are cooking? Tulsi says i was so happy that my Aayi have married my daughter to Rao family, kumudini says you must be spying on something, Tulsi says i will not spy on you if i dont know how you got Aradhya married, you have put her in hell, Kumudini shouts that i am doing good for you and your daughter still you keep blaming me, i have to take food to Aradhya’s inlaws house, i am working since morning, Tulsi says i know if you are going there then you must have planned some drama, leave Aradhya alone, she leaves. Kumudini sys you are right Tulsi, i will do drama there, Aradhya is going to be heroine and Pavitra is going to be villain.
Aradhya is cooking in kitchen, Pavitra comes there and says what are you doing? Aradhya says Aayi, she touches her feet, Pavitra says you called me aayi? Aradhya says these days daughter in laws usually call mother in laws as aayi or mommy. Pavitra says dont do this drama, you msut have mixed some poison in food, ARadhya says if you have doubt then i can taste food before serving to anyine, Pavitra says dont come in my kitchen, leave from here, Aradhya says first i will do everything with love but if you try to stop me then i will use my right as daughter in law of this house, i will serve breakfast to everyone, Pavitra says i will see if anyone will eat it or not.
Aaba says to Aryan that Deshmukh have told me about some guy, its proposal for Gayetri’s marriage, Aryan says we should ask Gayetri first. Aradhya comes there, PAvitra comes there with food which ARadhya have prepared, Aradhya asks Pavitra to not throw this food, people are dying without food, dont waste it, Pavitra says we have so much food that we can throw your cooked food everyday. Pavitra is about to throw food but Chimaji comes there and says you can insult food like this, don you know this? Chiamji enters aaba’s house, Aaba thinks that Chimaji doesnt enter anyone’s house then what happened to him now? Chimaji comes to Aradhya and says to Pavitra that that she is your daughter in law and you will behave like this with her? daughter in law is like daughter of house. Aaba says to Chimaji that you crossed my door, isnt it against your rules ? Chimaji says rules are made to keep everything in control, if i see people doing something wrong then i can bend my rules to bring things under control, people have made me saint and its my duty to keep check on people and no one should do any sin, Aradhya is stunned seeing Chimaji taking her side, Chimaji says if this was happening in some uneducated house then i would have understood it but you are sarpanch and if you behave like this with your daughter in law then what example will we give to people? Aaba says you are right but you know how this marriage happened, Kumudini did cheating and forced Aryan to marry ARadhya, she is same girl who insulted you, i am helpless else i would have thrown her out of house, Chimaji says i cant even believe that you can stoop so low, Aaba thinks that if he is drunk? Chimaji says you have to rectify your mistake, you have insulted food so you have to rectify, Aryan asks what rectification?
Kumudini comes outside aaba’s house and says what if film has started? lets go inside and meet Aaba, i will ask him if he was able to sleep or not.
Chimaji sits to have food with aaba’s family. Aradhya serves Chimaji food which she prepared, she says not more beta(daughter), all are stunned. Chimaji says all daughters of this village are like my daughter, Kumudini sees all this and thinks what magic did Aradhya do in one day that Chimaji is having brakfast here? Chimaji says to Aaba that this food was getting insulted, i will eat this food first, if you people want then you can eat too. Aradhya says to Aryan that you didnt eat anything since yesterday night, please eat something, Aryan starts eating food, he says i am not hungry. Kumudini thinks that Chimaji have gone mad, he will fail my plan. Aaba coughs, Aradhya tries to give him water but Aryan stops her and says move back, he gives water to Aaba. Aryan says to Chimaji that i ate one two bites for your respect but i cant eat anymore, you can call me cheap, low thinking man etc but i wont have this food, i am not sarpanch to follow all this, he starts to leave but Aaba says he is young, i am sorry Chimaji from his side, he asks Aryan to sit, Aryan sits back. Kumudini thinks that my grand son have kept my hopes high, its time for Pavitra. Kumudini comes there and greets everyone, she says to Aryan that i have brought food for you, i dont cook as good as Aradhya but you can have it, Aryan says grand daughter wasnt enough that aaji has come too, he leaves from there. Chimaji says to Aaba that every morning should start like this, he says to Aradhya that you have taste in your hands, he gives her reward and says this naik from m side, Aaba his gives ring as naik/reward infront of chimaji, Chimaji says i shall leave, Aaba says i have to talk to you, he leaves with Chimaji. All family members leave seeing Kumudini there. Kumudini says to Aradhya that i was missing you, you are looking pretty, Aradhya says i was missing you too, how is Tulsi? Kumudini says dont worry, its your right to get respect from this family and love from Aryan, you have to fight for it, i have to meet Pavitra, she leaves.
Kumudini is coming to Pavitra’s room, Nakku stops her, Kumudini says move away maid, i have to meet Pavitra, we are relatives now, Nakku says she doesnt want to meet you thats why i am on security, Kumudini says you are maid only, i have brought gifts for Pavitra, Nakku takes gifts from her and says i will give it to her, Kumudini leaves.
Kumudini asks Aradhya how is everything? Aradhya says i have long fight, Kumudini says dont feel weak, if they try to insult you then answer them back, give them good reply, Kumudini thinks that if she will give answer back to them then they will behave more cruel with her and i will enjoy it. Aradhya says i cant insult Pavitra and Shashwat, they are Aryan’s parents so they are my parents too, Pavitra is always angry with me but i dont know, when she comes infront of me then i dont speak up, i feel something, Kumudini thinks that afterall blood will speak, she is your mother only, Kumudini says dont forget what they have done to you, your aayi and me, they are so cruel, take revenge from everyone, Aradhya says you are always in hurry, i have come here to fight for my rights, Aryan have done wrong to me, i will fight for my rights only, she goes to make tea for Kumudini, Kumudini says she is stubborn.
Nakku tells Pavitra that Kumudini have brought saree for you as gift. Pavitra looks at saree and says its so cheap, even my servants dont wear sarees like this, Nakku says i wear good saree than this, Pavitra says now i understand, she have sent this cheap saree deliberately to insult me, she want me to wear this cheap saree, Pavitra throws away saree and says i will use it to clean our washroom, Kumudini sees all this and says how dare she throw away my saree like this? i will force Pavitra to wear this saree before tomorrow night.

PRECAP- Aryan is in towel in his room. Aradhya comes there, Aryan and Aradhya gets awkward, Aryan wear clothes. Aradhya says i will stay in this room, Aryan says you will stay with me? get lost, he is about to throw her clothes but Aradhya says why you want me to call inspector Damini and make your whole family go to jail? Aryan stops and angrily looks at her, Aradhya says make space in your cupboard for my clothes, Aryan breaks cupboard’s door and says you can keep your clothes in bottom portion of cupboard now.

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