Sasural Simar Ka 24 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sasural Simar Ka 24 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Prerna comes out running.. She is scared and sobbing.. Mata ji says calm down and tell us what happened. Prerna says simar’s body is there but no face. Prem says what are you saying. Amar says where is she? Prerna says she is in her room.
Prerna takes them to room. Everyone is dazed to see that simar is there. Maani recalls she showed the woman simar’s picture. Prerna says your face.. I saw you in closet your face wasn’t there. Simar says then whose face was there? Prerna says there was no face. That is why I was scared. Uma says calm down prerna. Must be a misunderstanding. Sujata says simar how did you come to the closet? Khushi says where is that ghughat woman?
Simar says I fainted. When I got up I was in closet. Prerna took me out. Prerna says but her face wasn’t here. Simar says what are you saying? You should rest you are not well. Khushi says come prerna I will take you to your room.
The bee says it was such a good chance. prem says we should report in police. Fake simar says what will we say in details? Mataji says she is right. Prem takes her to room.

Prerna wakes up in middle of the night and says why do I feel so agitated? i should eat med. She takes some med. She recalls simar without face. Prerna says was it misunderstanding?
Maani says to fake simar where was your mind? Fake simar says i collided with wires because a bee was irritating me. Maani says I could get exposed. Fake simar says it wont happen again. Maani says I won’t let that happen.
She gives her juice and says give it prerna. She is a pain in head. Simar gives prerna juice. Prerna drinks it.

prerna has lost her mind. She hears some voice. Prerna goes towards the balcony. she hears someone saying come here prerna. Prerna sees maani and starts following. Her brain is numb. Maani says liquid worked. Now I will send you to a place where you will have no sky or land.Simar says I should do something. i have to stop prerna. Simar makes prerna slip but still her mind is numb.
Simar(bee) goes to sid’s room. She says I have to take him out so he sees prerna.
Maani takes prerna in balcony.

Prerna is walking on the balcony railing. Maani says its about time you go back to your parents. Good bye prerna.
The bee is in sid’s room. Simar leads him to the window. She says sid should see prerna. Sid sees a dupatta falling from balcony. he says whose is it? Sid looks at Prerna. He is dazed. Sid says prenra what are you doing? Prerna is about to jump. Sid runs upstairs.

Precap-Sid asks what happened to your face? Maani says because of a bee. Sid says there are so many bees. One was irritating me too yesterday. Maani has called fumigation team.

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