Sadda Haq 24 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 24 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Sanaya says where were you? I was looking for you. And why is your forehead bleeding? He says go and sleep. She says I know you love her but sanyu should know too. He shoves her and says leave.. Sumit and Joy come in.
Sanyu recalls the accident in her sleep. Sanaya comes in.
Sumit texts joy again from his phone with another name. Arjun and sumit laugh. Joy checks his phone.
Joy gets a text from nirman and its says wake me up at 4:45. Joy says why is he asking me? but well I have to.
Joy keeps knocking his cabin. He says what should I do.. Nirman opens the door. He says whats wrong with you? Joy says I am very responsible. Nirman says you woke me up to say that? Joy says you texted me.. Nirman says get out here or I will sack you, you should be left at mars.
Joy says that was weird. but maybe he was taking my test.

Sanyu comes to aryan and says you didn’t come for breakfast? He says I am not hungry. Dark shadow is busy working. Sanyu says its okay I will wait. He says don’t wait for me. I am not hungry. SAnyu says I will wait. Aryan says you are doing this because of last night? She says no no. Aryan says relax.. You know I like about you is that you are not dependent on situations. Sanyu smiles. They both eat breakfast.

Sanyu comes out. Randhir stops her. Sanyu says I have to go. SAnyu says to receptionist I ordered some DVDs. She hears watchmen saying that old man is here again.
They hit harsh and say get out. Harsh says randhir is my son. Sanyu asks what happened? WAtchman says a man keeps coming and saying that his son works in here. Harsh sees sanyu..
Sanyu recalls everything. Harsh says where is randhir? Please ask him to meet me.. SAnyu runs.. Harsh faints.
harsh is in med room. sanyu keeps calling randhir. Harsh wakes up. Sanyu says keep lying please. Harsh says I am sorry about what I did with you. Please forgive me. sanyu says uncle don’t say that. I am calling randhir. Harsh says don’t he is really mad at me. If he gets to know you brought me here.. Sanyu says he should be here.
Sanyu says why didn’t you call randhir outside? He says I have been coming here since two days. He said into my eyes that I am not his dad. This is all my fault. What I did to you and then there you are.. There is no repentence of my sins. Sanyu says whatever happened is past. Harsh says I don’t have a right to request you but.. I just wanna talk to randhir once. Only you can do this. He will listen to you. I did the same mistake with renuka I never realized her value. Today she is not here. I don’t want randhir to do the same mistake. Please sanyu..

Sanyu comes to cafe. Aryan says how long will I wait? He says for the coffee. Aryan says you look worried? SAnyu says nothing. I feel so strange at times. Aryan leaves. He brings a dessert. Kritka says is this for me.. Krittika says thanks.. She says just kidding. Kritika says you are so sweet. Sanyu says yes very sweet. Randhir comes and sees them.
Nirman announces everyone report at lab. Sanyu says I am bringing my file.. Aryan says let me come with you. Krirtika says she can go alone.
Randhir says I will kill myself. You met aryan again. Sanyu says this is my life I will do whatever you want. Randhir says you chose me some years ago. Now everything has ended. Its fine with me.. but I can’t see this. I am the biggest problem of your life right.. I will end this problem. this is world’s strongest poison.

Precap-Nirman says this is the most toxic thing on mars. If you can’t survive this then say good by to mars mission. Randhir and sanyu go first. Randhir says your life is in my hands.

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