Thapki Pyaar Ki 23 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23 May 2016 Written episode Update. Thapki Pyaar Ki today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Thapki seeing Bihaan. Suman comes and sees Thapki lost. She moves Thapki and asks do you have to get ready for party or stare at husband for some more time. Thapki says I will get ready and come. She leaves. Suman says Thapki run away to get saved from me, but how will she run away from herself. Shraddha gets ready and says they are getting ready to have Litti chokha outside house, anyways I have to get ready so that Dhruv’s eyes stays on me and he gets close to me. Dhruv comes. She compliments him and asks how am I looking. He talks to Vivek. She purposely falls. He holds her. She says I m sorry, I slipped. He asks her to take care of herself in this state, I told Suman to make extra ghee Litti for you, healthy food is good for baby. He asks her to come and goes. She says this drama started again, it would be better if Bihaan’s case went for long. He calls her to come. She goes.

Bihaan brings Bau ji. Suman says now we will start party, but why this tv is placed here. Dadi says I got this tv. Preeti asks why. Dadi says we will play songs and enjoy, come everyone sit. Sanjay switches on the tv. Preeti says Karaoke… Suman asks whats this. Dadi says lyrics will come on tv and you have to sing seeing the lines. Preeti says awesome Dadi. Bihaan asks Bau ji to say who will sing first. Everyone get sad as Bau ji does not say anything.

Thapki says its Dadi’s idea, so we should start with her. Dadi says fine, I will sing. Sanjay asks which song to play for you. Dadi says number 55, you all have to say numbers and whatever song comes, you have to sing that. Suman says its good to play game and sing. Dadi sings Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai….. Thapki and Bihaan smile seeing each other.

They all ask Thapki to sing. Thapki asks how shall I sing. Vasundara says like you read Durga chalisa paath. Dadi asks Sanjay to switch off tv. She asks Thapki to sing any song she likes. Bihaan signs Thapki to sing. Thapki nods. Bihaan passes the mic to her. Thapki goes to sing. Bihaan smiles. Thapki closes eyes and sings Sunte hai jab pyaar ho to……. She looks at Bihaan… and sings. Bihaan smiles. She sings well and then stammers a bit….

Bihaan goes to Thapki and pats on her shoulder. She completes the line and looks at him. He smiles. She gets teary eyed. Everyone clap. Preeti praises Thapki’s singing. Suman says Bau ji would have said, great Thapki, you sung so well. Vasundara says now its your Bau ji’s fav son’s turn, Bihaan. Dadi asks Bihaan to say number. Bihaan says give any song, its all same for me. Thapki gives him mic and signs him. Dadi says I know his fav number, 36, as his senses and hearts have 36 scores, he does not do what he wants. Suman shows Preeti how Thapki is smiling seeing Bihaan and calls out Thapki.

Bihaan sees Thapki staring at him and smiles. Dadi and Vasundara smile. Suman calls out Thapki again and asks her to come and sit here, will she just stick to Bihaan there, he won’t be able to sing then. Thapki goes and sings. Sanjay plays song number 36. Bihaan sings so bad and everyone get pain in ears. Thapki smiles. Dadi asks why are you singing so bad, sing from heart. Bihaan says song is sung by throat, how shall I sing by heart. Vasundara laughs. Dadi says use your senses, close your eyes, and see and think about the one who like the most, then see you will have voice from your heart. Bihaan looks at Thapki and asks really, lets see. He smiles naughtily…..

Bihaan closes his eyes and sees Thapki. They hold hands and hug sitting between a heart made by rose petals and diyas. He sings Dehleez pe…. Na sikha maine….. Bihaan kisses her forehead and she runs being shy. They have a sweet moment. He gets close to her and hugs her. They have an eyelock. He smiles seeing her….. and that sequence ends. He opens his eyes and looks at Thapki.

Everyone stare at him. Bihaan looks at them….. Thapki and everyone clap for Bihaan for singing so well. Sanjay asks whom did you think and sing, tell us. Bihaan says I just closed eyes and….. Preeti says …..and saw Thapki…. Bihaan smiles.

Everyone dine outside the house. Vasundara likes the Litti and tells Bau ji that its made really good, just like he likes. She gets sad seeing him not respond. Everyone get sad. Thapki says I will get more Litti. She goes to get Litti, while her dupatta catches fire from the hot coal. Bau ji sees this and gets restless in shock. Bau ji sees the fire and his body starts responding. He moves his fingers and looks on.


Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and says I really love you a lot. Na na na na …..plays…………..She looks at him.

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