Sasural Simar Ka 22 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sasural Simar Ka 22 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Prem tries to kill the bee with a book. Simar hides behind the window. She says how can I stop Prem from going close to that Fake Simar.
A big honey bee starts chasing Simar. Simar enters Jhanvi’s room through the window. Simar(bee) says in heart thank you for saving my life Jhanvi. Simar goes to Prem’s room.

Sid says I used to like it in childhood. Prerna says you still look like a child. You behave like kids. Throw tantrums.. He says hey.. Prerna says eat this sandwich I won’t hear anything else. Sid eats the sandwich and says thank you. Prerna says I should thank you. Mataji sees them.

Simar says to mata ji what are you saying. How is that possible. Mataji says prerna is your childhood friend. And sid smiles when he talks to her. Fake Simar says you are right but.. Mataji says i am not asking to get them married tomorrow but we can think about it. Simar says we should think about prerna too. We all know this would be sid’s second marriage but prerna’s first. And sid haven’t forgotten roli.Would prerna want a life partner like that? Mataji says you are right. I didn’t think from her point of view. I was a bit selfish when I saw happiness on Sid’s face. Simar says I have another suggestion. Mataji says who?Simar says maani. Mataji says are you out of your mind. You are comparing prerna with Maani. We are tolerating her because of you only. I am waiting for the day she leaves our house. Maani and Sid.. How can you even think. Mataji leaves.
Maani throws stuff in anger and says I don’t waanna live here either I wanna go back to chandan look but I want my powers back. I want them back or I will be trapped here forever. I will never let sid and prerna one.Soon they will all be shocked. They will remember it forever.
She shows her a liquid. Fake smar says what is it? Simar(bee) is there too. Maani says this liquid is too dangerous. Fake simar says what we do to it? Maani says mix it in prerna’s milk and make her drink. Then see what it does. Simar(bee) says this can be dangerous for prerna. I have to protect her.

Fake simar gives prerna milk. Simar(bee) comes and starts annoying prerna. She jumps in the milk. Prerna says oh God. She spills the milk. Simar says I will give you other glass. Prerna says no no I don’t want milk. I will take it myself. Prerna says I have to make a call. FAke simar says where did this bee came from.
Simar(Bee) annoys maani sleeping.
Fake simar gives prerna milk. Prerna drinks it. Fake simar says as soon as you drink this milk the liquid will start working. Maani wakes up and tries to kill bee in anger. She says its morning. This bee ruined my night. I couldn’t sleep. It is here again. I will kill it.
Simar says I will save prerna. I won’t let them do this. Even if I am a bee I won’t let them harm my family.

Precap-Prerna says why is here so much noise? Uma says that ghughat woman has kidnapped simar.We think she is hidden in the house. Prerna sees simar’s hand in the closet. SHe takes simar out. Simar has no face.

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