Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 May 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein today and Latest Written story.

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the Episode starts with Adi and Pihu having a talk. She says I came to meet Ruhaan, why are you sad, I will take Papa’s class, he can’t scold you and make you cry, I will see him. He stops her and says go home, shooting is over, if Papa sees you, he will scold me. She says fine, don’t be sad. Shagun asks Ashok what are you doing here. Ashok says I came to meet Romi. She says Romi and Mihika went to meet Mrs. Bhalla, she is going to London.

Ashok says Mihika is not so innocent, Bhallas were not talking to her and now Mihika went with your mum in law. I know Mihika wants to make Ishita part of Bhalla family, she would be unhappy with Raman and your marriage, its good Raman agreed to marry you, but if Bhallas love Mihika, then Mihika can come to stay with you and make your life hell, it would be all waste, your sacrifice and all, I pity on you. She says you chose right profession, politics, I don’t care for your nonsense, I m getting late, I have to go NGO for a meeting. She goes. Ashok says I know you are affected by Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla’s closeness, I m with you, you will have time to spend with me.

Mihika calls Neelu and talks to her. Neelu says Mrs. Bhalla left angrily after an argument with Raman, Raman said he will marry Shagun, do something. Mihika says yes, I understand. Neelu says can I help, Pihu does not know Ishita is her real mum. Mihika says I got a good idea, and tells her. Neelu agrees. Ishita goes to Adi and apologizes. She says you did not behave well with Raman, you made him eat mushroom, anything could have happened, he is allergic to mushrooms, you made actors leave, you have to become responsible. Adi says I want to take you back.

Raman says this won’t happen, I don’t have place for dead people in my life. Mani and Aaliya come. Mani says come Aaliya.. Raman stops Mani and says I should leave, I feel I came in between, I don’t have relation with them, I don’t like keeping relations with those who run away and cheat. She says keep Mani from all this. Raman says sorry to talk like this with your Mani, but I don’t need permission to say, I m marrying Shagun, Mani I want you to please come and grace the occasion. He asks Aaliya to get her Papa, and don’t know is Ishita your Papa’s GF or what relation they have, anyways it will be fun. He goes. Adi goes after him. Aaliya asks Ishita to come.

Ishita says no, I have some work. Aaliya says fine, we will come with you. Mani says Aaliya come with me, let Ishita be here. They leave. Ishita cries recalling Raman’s anger. She says he is out of control in anger, how he can hurt anyone, his behavior is not right, he can marry Shagun, he is not in his senses, marriage is big decision, I know he will keep people hurting till his anger calms down, I have to do something.

She goes to get a flat on rent. The man says the owner stays out on trips mostly, you can see the flat, and tells flat number. She says it was Prateek’s flat, he is my friend. He says yes, its still Prateek’s flat, he will call me and I will tell him. She asks him to tell her name, Ishita Bhalla to Prateek.

Pihu asks Mr. Bhalla how did Dadi do like this, the serial is getting many twists, who will watch serial with me. Mrs. Bhalla says I will watch, you go and play. Neelu asks her to have juice. Pihu goes out playing and gets a pic of Raman and Ishita’s marriage. She gets shocked and asks did they get married. Neelu thinks I kept this pic from storeroom as per Mihika’s plan, now Pihu will understand she is Ishita’s daughter and won’t let Raman marry Shagun, I have to inform Mihika. Pihu goes to Mr. Bhalla with pic and asks did they get married. Mr. Bhalla gets worried and sends Pihu.

Aaliya asks Ishita why are you going there, we three are living fine here. Mani asks Aaliya not to talk this way, its between us, go to your room. Aaliya goes. Mani asks Ishita is she doing right, Raman would be there, you did not wish to come here, now you want to shift there. She asks is my friend asking this to me, or that person who loves me… I can understand you are stuck between friendship and love, our friendship is precious for me, and about your love, sorry, what can I do, I don’t have any love in me anymore, I don’t want this dilemma to come between us, I don’t want to lose you, you are best friend I ever had. Aaliya hears them. Ishita asks Mani will he not let her follow her heart, will you stop me from doing my friend, tell me just as a friend.

She says I had big guilt in me, you used to ask me why don’t I meet my family, I had no courage to meet them, now when I met them, I got to know I have ruined their and Raman’s lives, when I did not meet Raman, he used to be an animal and he has become an animal again, he does not value anyone, I m responsible for all this, that house is breaking, I have a chance to bring them together, I snatched everything from them, I have to help them, they gave lots of love to me, I m helpless, you love me and Raman hates me a lot, I know Raman will burn everything in his anger, let me just correct everything, then we will return back to our world. He says fine Ishu, I will not stop you, but if you and Raman get everything fine between you both then… sorry, don’t answer this, I m not selfish, I just want you to be happy, you go, I will respect your decision and support you always. She thanks him.

Appa and Mr. Bhalla argue. Raman comes and argues with Ishita, asking her to leave from this society. She says you can’t control where I will stay. He says I will see how you stay here.

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