Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th November 2014 Written Update

Jigar angrily comes back from office and scolds Pari for not keeping his important file in his bag. Pari apologizes. Teacher comes and says he got a reminder to come today. Gopi says children have gone out today and he can come tomorrow. Teacher leaves. Pari says she forgot to intimate teacher. Kokila scolds her for not doing her work properly and doing household chores as a task and not as a responsibility. She asks Gopi to stop taking Pari’s side. Gopi says you are the one who chose Pari for Jigar. She says she thought she loves Jigar and can keep him happy, but she was wrong. Hetal asks Pari why she is ruining her image. Baa says Hetal to give her medicine and they both leave. Radha who watches everything from balcony smirks and says now Pari will be out of house soon.
Gopi says Pari that Kokila is right today. Pari says these people don’t acknowledge her effort at all and asks her also to stop working. Gopi says she should work as a responsibility. Pari asks her to tell an idea. Gopi says she should think about it and leaves. Meethi comes and asks Pari to complete grocery list. Pari shouts at her and says she thought she would have ordered grocery by now. Meethi says without her completing it, how can she. Pari then asks what food Modi’s like a lot. Meethi says jalebi. Pari says she will order it then. Meethi says they like home made jalebis. Pari thinks how will she prepare jalebi when she has not prepared toast in her life.
Pari prepares burnt jalebis to all family members and good one for Jigar. Kokila scolds that only 1 good jabeli she is giving to Jigar and did not even think how Baa will eat burnt one. She says Pari does not know value of family at all and by doing this, she proved that she is worried about only Jigar and no one else. Pari says she made these jalebis by great difficulty and when she remembered Jigar, she prepared good one. Kokila starts scolding her again. Mr. Mehta asks Kokila not to crib, Pari will learn soon. Kokila says it is his mistake that he did not teach family culture and says she is sure that Pari will break her family. Mehta says Pari is trying her best. Kokila says it is all happening because of his wrong teachings. Radha smirks thinking that her plan is working better than she thought.
Saath nibhana saathiya 24th November 2014 Written Update
Kokila says Mr. Mehta that he came to this house after getting ill and somehow got his daughter married to Jigar and even after knowing that Pari tricked Jigar to marry her, he did not stop her. Mehta says she is crossing her limits. Kokila says if he really has self-dignity, he should leave this house. Pari gets irked and asks Kokila to stop scolding her papa and says he will not go from here. Gopi asks Pari to behave with Kokila as she is elder. Pari says her papa bought her up with great difficulty. Kokila says then she should also go with her father. Mehta says she is right, he will walk out of house. Pari asks what is wrong with him, she is legally wedded to Jigar and has right on this house and he can stay in this house. Mehta says this is her sasural/in-law’s house and he will go out. Pari asks not to listen to them. Mehta says he knows she will not lose and asks her to make everyone realize that his upbringing is not wrong. Pari starts shouting that she did a lot to this family, but they don’t acknowledge her effort at all. Ahem says how dare she misbehave with mom, he will tell Jigar about it. Hetal asks to stop this issue right here. Gopi also says same. Kokila says Jigar has to live with this problem for his life and he should know about it. Hetal says she has decided Jigar will not know about all this.
Gopi says Pari that she did wrong today. Pari asks what is wrong if she wants to feed good to her husband and says from now she will not take care of Modis.
Precap: Gopi says Kokila that person is behaving like a normal human being. Kokila asks how can she tell that she is wrong directly.
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