Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21 May 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Adi ordering the mushroom dish for Raman, saying I will unite Raman and Ishita. Ruhi gets to know Adi’s plan and says I will stop Raman, but how would Ruhaan know about Raman’s allergy, I can’t stop Adi’s plan now, but what happens next will be planned by me. Mihika comes to Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come. She does her aarti and says its good you came here. Mihika says I was going home today, I wanted to meet you. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla is going abroad to meet Shaila.

Mrs. Bhalla gives the bangles which she was planning to give her in Mu Dikhai. Mihika smiles seeing the bangles and cries happily. She thanks Mrs. Bhalla and says even I have a gift for you, I spoke with that person who will make this family like before. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her and says just Lord can explain Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to come, its time for flight. Mihika says Romi and I will drop you at airport. Mrs. Bhalla leaves with Mihika. Shagun looks on and thinks I know no one is happy with Raman’s decision, but whatever I m doing is for Ishita’s good, so that Raman hurts her more.

Ruhi and Adi look on as Raman eats the mushroom dish. Raman starts coughing and gets unwell. He starts itching badly. Ishita worries for Raman and goes to take care of him. She asks him to check and eat, the dish has mushrooms. She asks him to come with her. Mani and Aaliya look on. Adi gets glad. Ishita asks Raman to apply ice pack, its rashes. Raman says I will do on my own, don’t make me angry. She says someone did good with me, I want to do same, don’t scratch, relax. He says give me, I will apply it. She applies the ice pack and he gets bit relieved with it. Raman looks at her.

Aaliya wonders why is Ishita doing this, can’t she see Man I is feeling upset seeing this. Ruhi says if he is feeling bad, then tell Ishita, I know you are feeling bad for your Appa, when I see your Amma and Appa together, I think they are cute couple and should be together, but they are not, I think Adi has come other plan. Aaliya says I m sure of it, Adi paid money to actors so that Raman and Ishita do the ad. Ruhi says Adi did this allergy drama, Adi purposely ordered mushroom dish. She shows the bill. She says Adi wants Ishita to be with Raman, he can do this by fair means, cheating is bad. Aaliya says I can’t believe he did this drama.

Ruhi says I think Raman is also part of this game plan. Aaliya says I can’t be quiet now, I have to do something. Ruhi says don’t tell anyone I told you this, its your personal matter. Aaliya says don’t worry and goes. Ruhi says sorry Adi, your plan is going to fail. Aaliya goes to Ishita and asks her to stop it. She asks can’t you see its all a drama. Ishita asks her to see his state. Aaliya says Raman and Adi planned this to come close to you. Raman says what nonsense. Aaliya tells Ishita and Raman that Adi ordered mushroom dish and paid actors to leave. Ishita says Adi can’t do this. Aaliya shows the food bill. Raman checks the bull and gets angry. Aaliya takes Ishita with her. Adi walks in and sees Ishita crying….

Adi asks Raman how are you feeling now. Raman slaps him. Ruhi looks on. Raman confronts Adi. Adi says yes, I did this, I want Ishi maa, I want her to come back, she loves you a lot, you took wrong decision to marry Shagun, I will stop you from doing mistakes, I know Shagun is my mumma, but we all need Ishi Maa. Raman raises hand again. Ishita comes in between and says enough, Adi is my son, no one has right to slap my son, you find me bad, I will become bad if you hurt my son. Raman says you are teaching him to do this. She says I love him, I don’t need to proof it. Raman says your nature just has cheat, you are dead for me, if Adi is with Ishita, then even he is dead for me. He goes. Adi and Ishita cry. Ruhi looks on.

Ishita asks Adi what was the need to do this and goes crying. Adi runs after her asking her to listen. Ruhi gets sad. Adi cries and says why does not anyone understand me, I want to unite Papa and Ishi Maa, what mistake am I doing. Ruhi looks on and says Adi is hurt because of me, he is my brother, he is so good, I m hurting those who are not at fault, am I doing wrong. She walks to Adi and stops seeing Pihu. Adi hugs Pihu. Pihu asks are you crying… Adi says no. Ruhi recalls baby Pihu and that night. She cries and says no, why am I getting emotional, I don’t care. This family gave me so much pain, I m bearing this because of them, I will not let them unite, Pihu took my place, everyone forgot me, Ishita is going to take her place back, I won’t let this happen, now everyone has to bear things, I m doing everything right.

Raman taunts Ishita and says I don’t like keeping relations with such people. Ishita asks Raman not to talk like this with Mani. Raman invites Mani in his marriage.

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