Kaala Teeka 21 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kaala Teeka 21 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kaala Teeka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Gauri says Kali please make parsad and alta.
Leela says bring parsad. Chulbuli bring flowers. Sharmila comes, Leela hugs her. Manjiri hugs her. Manjiri says in hard times you get to know about a person. I am proud of you. Yug say I did it for the sake of humanity.
Chulbuli asks sharmila how you got this bruise. Leela says what happened? Show me. Leela says how did this happen. Sharmila says please don’t say anything if vishwa gets to know then.. Leela says then? Sharmila says it happens. Chulbuli says see mata ji what has been done to my daughter. We take care of Kali and Gauri and they do this to Sharmila. Do something. Leela says we will answer this. How they dared harming my daughter.

Gauri says how are these bangles to girls.. Leela says come with me. Gauri says what happened? Leela twists her hand. Gauri says leave me dadi. Leela says I am doing what your parents have been doing to sharmila. If anything happens to her I won’t let you live here. Gauri says what are you saying? If you wanna send a message to papa then hurt kali. She is papa’s favorite. Papa loves her, torture her. Leela says where is kali?
Leela sees kali and manjiri and says so parsad is being made here? In your house daughter in laws are tortured. Manjiri says what happened. Leela says say one more word or we will kick your daughters out. Don’t ever harm sharmila again. Manjiri says what are you saying. Manjiri says I am giving you warning. She leaves.

Sharmila says lets see more. Chulbuli says me have to fuel the fire more. Dadi says to gauri what are you doing upstairs. Gauri says where is agabati? Leela says I don’t know. Gauri says must be in kali’s room.
Gauri says found it. Gauri says dadi there is something in this alta. It has burnt the cloth. There is some chemical in it. It can burn anything.

Chulbuli says all women will apply alta now. Kali says let me bring it. Leela says stop. She has mixed something in alta. Kali says there is nothing like that. There is no chemical in this alta. Its pure. Gauri says then apply it on your feet. Kali says sure, I have fasted with my heart. Manjiiri says but kali.. Leela says are you involed in this too? Apply it right now. Kali applies the alta nothing happens to her. Kali says see it is pure. What were you saying gauri? Say it again. You have that mental condition I know. Leela says what mental condition? Kali says she used to make stories in her head and consider them truth, SHe will be normal after taking med. Leela says oh God.. what else is there in you that I don’t know. You have ruined the day.
Yug says to gauri I am warning you I will throw you out of this house if you do something like this again. Kali says what happened gauri? Hubby will kick you out. Gauri says what magic was that? Kali says I started using brain. I changed the alta you put there. You applied it too. It can be the one you placed there. Gauri says my feet.. Kali says there is a difference between me and you. I can never harm you. But I will make you so helpless that you will accept your sin.
Gauri says I will never let you succeed. I didn’t learn how to lose.

Gauri meets prohit. Prohit says that kala teeka has ruined our lives.gauri says see my kundli and tell me what can be done. Prohit says give me some money. Gauri gives him money, he says now see what I do. He explains her the plan.

Precap-Kali places something in

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