Parvarish Season 2 20 May 2016 Written episode Update. Parvarish Season 2 today and Latest Written story.

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the terrorist girl enter the bathroom and ask simran whats she doin meanwhile suri hides somewhere
suri telling kulvi thats simran very scared
sumedh is watching soimran through the camera ,sumedh tellin terrorist girl to tell simran what has she decided minister or riya who to save and who to not
jassi aditya scene jassi has made some sort of shelter for adi
nice jatysa scene adi tells her to be careful
jassi has reached sumedh hideout
raj is goin to moinister ghosai house to give injection
jogiya nokjhok ,riya johgi ka pasina chooth raha hain
jassi running terrorist running after her aise lagta hain maathon kar rahe hain
jassi naagin dance kar rahi hain jassi throws stone on the camera and camera breaks way to go girl
sumedh highly irritated
jassi breaking all camera s at every point maan gayye jassi jaisi koi nahin
sumedh yelling at 3rd terrorist
sumedh says i want that girl at any cost jungle mein aag laga hain goli marni hain mar get that girl
jassi ligts a fire jungle mein aag lagti hainjterrorists tells sumedh jogi tells riya jassi did this riya was cute in this scene
sumedh pissed like anything

precap sumedh running after jassi

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