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Scene 1
Pavitra says to Aradhya that you will sit in feet here, she throws Aradhya on floor and asks her to wipe her foot prints from floor, Aradhya gets up and says i am your daughter in law and you can ask me to do anything but the way you are behaving, people dont behave like this even with servants, Pavitra says you dont have standard of becoming my servant too, you have someone unknown blood, she is about to slap Aradhya but Shashwat comes there and says dont put your hand in dirt by slapping her, God will take revenge of their cheating, Aradhya you have fallen so low that you dont deserve my sympathy too, Aradhya says i did mistake by trusting you and Aryan, you are not what you seem like, shashwat says even you are what you dont seem like and i dont wanna look at you, he leaves, Gayetri says to Aradhya that dont expect sympathy from me, what you did with my father and brother was wrong, she leaves, Pavitra says we respect our servants but not you, start working, she asks Nakku to keep an eye on her, she leaves.
Banwari and Markand comes to Kumudini and says we have brought shagun sent by aaba as Aradhya’s first income of being devdasi, your grand daughter have great luck, she will make you rich, you daughter was not lucky but Aradhya will take your tradition forward, Markand says your king was nice to you but Aryan will keep Aradhya on feet, Kumudini says what? my Aradhya is in trouble, i will sit in aaba’s feet and ask him to accept Aradhya as his daughter in law.. you both wanted to listen this right? go and tell your Aaba that i have accepted shagun, Markand keeps Shagun there sent by aaba and leaves. Kumudini looks at Shagun which has gold, she thinks aaba thinks that he has made my grand daughter as devdasi but he doesnt know that he has made his own grand daughter as his devdasi, she leaves, Tulsi looks at shagun.
Tulsi comes to Chimaji with shagun and says aaba have sent it as shagun of making our daughter Devdasi, its her first income as devdasi and you know who has sent it? aaba have sent it, we dont need this, you accept this, keep it and use it in your saint business, you left me, you didnt accept your daughter to become saint, now think that your daughter have done charity for your work, use it wisely, she leaves, Chimaji is tensed.
Pavitra says to Purva that we will play game which we play with newly wed couples, Aradhya is there too. Purva sits with Aryan, Pavitra says we used to play it to decrease awkwardness of couple, game is that you both have to find ring in milk bowl, if boy finds ring then it means he loves girl more, if girl finds it then it means girl loves boy more, if both find ring then they love equally. Aryan says lets see Purva who loves more, Aryan takes off his ring, Purva is trying to take off her ring but its stuck in her finger, Aradhya thinks that i have right on Aryan’s love. Nakku brings oil so that Purva can take off her ring, Purva gets up to use oil. Aradhya comes and sits beside Aryan to play game, all are stunned. Aradhya looks at Aryan and Pavitra and says this game is played by husband and wife and i am Aryan’s wife, Purva you are not married to Aryan, what are you doing between us? She says to Aryan that i am wife so ritual should be played with me right? She takes off ring which Aryan gifted to her saying its his family rings, she puts ring in milk bowl. Pavitra asks Nakku to throw this milk water and wash this bowl nicely, Aryan says let it be. Aryan says to Aradhya that you want to play this game to see if you love me more or i love you more, lets see. Aradhya says lets see if this ritual is related to love or is it just a game. Aryan says lets start. They put hand in bowl and starts finding ring, Aryan touches her hand in water, they stare each other, Pavitra is tensed, Aryan and Aradhya keep looking at each other with anger. Aryan finds ring which he gifted to Aradhya, Aradhya gives her hand so that he can make her wear her ring but he gets up and makes Purva wear that ring, Aryan says now our family ring is in right hands, Purva deserves to be daughter in law of this house, this family rings doesnt suite on Devdasi’s finger, i did mistake by making Aradhya wear this ring but i will rectify my mistakes one by one from now on. Purva smirks seeing ring in her finger.

Scene 2
Its night, Aradhya comes in Aryan’s room and looks around. She sees her dinosaur sketch on his punching bag and recalls how Aryan said that you are unique dinosaur, how he used to make fun of her calling her dinosaur, she smiles recalling sweet memories then recalls how Aryan broke relation with her, how Kumudini told her that Aryan tried to molest her. She says everything changed. Aryan comes there and asks what are you doing in my room? Aradhya says we are married and we gave promises to each other that we have equal right on everything we share, Aryan says dont irritate me. Purva comes there with milk glass, Purva says Aryan have sent milk for you, Aradhya says its wife’s right to make husband drink milk on their first marriage night, she takes glass from her and comes to Aryan, she asks Aryan to drink milk Patidev, Aryan throws it away and says did you forget? i have bought you with money devdasi, you are dreaming about having marriage night with me, Aradhya says so? we are husband and wife, you married me infront of all, Aryan says you can say rubbish but Purva is daughter in law of this house and only she has right to live in my room, Aradhya says i thought Purva is educated, she would understand that i am your wife, its bad manners to come inbetween husband and wife Purva, aryan says leave from here else.. Aradhya says else what will you do? Aryan holds her hand, she says leave my hand, Aryan drags her.
Aryan brings Aradhya to store room and says this is your right place, she throws her on floor and says have marriage night here, Aradhya says you cant snatch my right from me, Aryan says you will get what i will give you, i never thought i will behave with any women like this but you have forced me to do this, get stale in this dark room, he locks her in store room and leaves, aradhya cries. Pavitra sees all this and says thank God Aryan is not under this devdasi’s spell, i just pray that she leaves this house soon.
saras says to David that you married Gayetri for revenge? David says i did mistake, Saras says so rectify it, she did good for you and you scolded her? dont know how much hurt she will be, David says i have done mistake so i will rectify it, my eyes are open now.
Purva looks around in Aryan’s room and says will i live with Aryan in this room? she recalls how Aryan kept supporting Purva against Aradhya. Aryan comes there, Purva asks if he is fine? he nods, she says dont take tension, that girl doesnt deserve anything, aryan says i am sorry for all this, i am doing all this to belittle her, let her go out of my life then we will.. Purva says we are friends, you dont need to give me explanation, today or tomorrow i will become your wife so i have to support you, Aryan says let Aradhya go out of my life then we will marry and you will become daughter in law of this house for sure, Purva says i want to become your wife more than this house’s daughter in law. Aryan says you need to stay in this house till this tension doesnt end but we cant stay in one room, you know what i mean.. Purva says i understand, just rest, she glares him and leaves. Aryan looks at Aradhya’s sketch and punches bag hard.

Scene 2
Pavitra laughs and says to Nakku that i am so happy today, she gifts jewelry to Nakku, Nakku says i am so happy to see you smiling, Pavitra says just pray that my smile doesnt go away, Nakku says you can call me cheater but i always want your good, keep things in your grip, dont forget that Devdasi is in this house and Aryan is not married to Purva means danger has not gone till now, these devdasies are magicians, they can turn tables.. i will not give you suggestion from now on as then you call me cheater, she gets sad, Pavitra says dont take things at heart, forget everything, i need you to throw Aradhya out of this house, just think how can we throw her out, Nakku says i am always at your service, i will do everything now, just see how difficult it will be for that devdasi to avoid my attack, they smirk.
Aradhya sits in dark store room and recalls how it was Aryan only who saved her from cave. She says did Aryan do all this love drama? he didnt think about me getting hurt, how can people use love for their revenge, how can someone gain trust of others just to break it. Aryan is not able to sleep in his room and gets up, both are sad and pained, Jo bheji thi Dua plays. Aradhya looks around in store room and is tensed. Aryan is not at peace too, Aradhya looks out from window, Aryan comes to window of his room too, both are hurt.
Aryan comes in corridor. he comes on door of store room. Aradhya comes near door too form inside. Aryan contemplates to open door or not.

PRECAP- Damini comes in Aaba’s haveli with Tulsi. Damini asks where is Aradhya? Tulsi says i want to know how my daughter is living in her inlaws house, she asks Pavitra about Aradhya, she asks where is Aradhya, she says to Aryan that my responsibility was not just marrying off my daughter and then forget her, i wanna know how is Aradhya living here, where is she? Aradhya listens her voice from store room, she comes near door.

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