Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20 May 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20 May 2016 Today HD Video

Ep begins with Raman agreeing.
Director looks at Ishita for the other role.
Raman taunts her (one liners )

She agrees.
Adi is happy but Ru is angry and sees that it is all Adi’s plan.

Ishita and Ru listen for the scene.

He explains that she has to caress his face.

She caresses and is lost
She tells i got distracted by the mile and remembered n my daughter.
Ru shouts at her

Adi tells you cannot behave like this with my mom.
Ru tells i cannot work with these unprofessional actors and leaves in anger.

Ishita goes to her room and shouts at her first unprofessionalism.
She tells him to come out now.

Ru feels happy seeing Ishita scold her after so many yrs.

Nidhi calls and tells to go for the shoot.

Shoot begins.
Ru’s part is first

Ishra dance
The hidden feelings
The closeness
The smiles
Their looks
The Eyelocks

Pure Ishra in every sense…Loved it

They are lost in each other even after the director says cut.
Ru angry seeing it
Adi is happy.
Mani Aliya feel bad seeing this.

Toshiji preps to go to London as shaila Bua is not well.
She tells shagun that Raman needs Ishita and only she can take care of him.
The family needs ishita
(Nice lines )

Shagun thinks she is not happy with the marriage

Aliya and Adi argue as she tells that this is all his plan to bring Ishra together.
He tells i will do anything to bring them together.

In the ad…IshraRu together…loved that part
Ru feels good as she hugs Ishita.
Mani is sad seeing all this.

Ru takes the script and talks to mani.
She comes to know that Ishita and mani are not married and Aliya is his niece
We are friends.

Precap…Raman is coughing.
Ishita goes to him worrying ando shouts at him for having the mushrooms.
They go from there.
Mani’s expression..he’s not happy.

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