Everest 22nd November 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the batch relaxing after long walk. Gopal/Girish asks them to come for lecture in 10 minutes. Abhiyankar tells about climbing techniques taught and hope they do best. Arjun tells him to continue his training. Abhiyankar says confidence and over confidence difference is one step far like life and death. He says he does not teach mountaineering but makes good mountaineers. The batch does some yoga. Rana tells about three rules, planet, conservation of energy and balancing. The batch results are told to them. Anjali Rawat, Kabir Tokas and Siraj Rawat are high rankers. Mountain rockers wins with 25 marks. Black horses get 20 marks. Rana asks them to go back to NIM and dismisses class. Batch members sit in bus and argument starts between Kabir and mountain rockers. Arjun asks Anjali to come out of fairytales. Kabir asks Anjali to train her batch well tomorrow.
At mess, Anjali tells Akash that she will talk to Abhiyankar. Mansi asks Anjali why did she tell Siraj about the talk between them. Anjali says she did not tell anything. Mansi says Siraj said he knows about her feelings and asked is it true. Mansi says Nik can’t do this as she was with her all the time.
Mansi says he was her best friend and everything is finished between them now. Anjali asks Pari did he tell him. Pari laughs and admit she said. She says she helped and they are mean not to tell them. Anjali says their friendship can go bad by this. Pari says your team will have problems but who will have benefit by this. Kabir says black horses. Anjali calls them disgusting. Kabir says, donkey can’t win over black horses. The gang laughs.
Everest 22nd November 2014 Written Update
Anjali clears matter to Siraj and it was nothing. She says Mansi is scared by this that friendship will end. Siraj says he knows Pari and he went to tell Mansi. He says she got angry and went. Anjali says she came to fight with her thinking she told him. Siraj says he will talk to Mansi in morning. He says Kabir and Pari can do anything to win. Arjun asks what did you think, they will give trophy to you. Arjun says he can see the winner, sorry but not from them. Anjali says they will win by talent and not bad games. Arjun says no one asks losers how they lost.
Abhiyankar asks about all students in morning training session. They are asked to take out climbing ropes and keep. One who gets late will get all ropes. Black horses come late. Abhiyankar says no excuse, team points will be cut for coming late. He asks Awasthi to see them. Awasthi asks black horses to get all ropes in their bags and goes with mountain rockers. Kabir threatens Anjali. Akash asks Anjali is she fine. Anjali asks why does they always blame us. Arjun says they got late because of their smart team member. Akash asks what. Siraj says they can’t sit idle. Arjun says he could not see their pain. Anjali asks what they did. Siraj says he has knot the shoe laces of them. Akash laughs seeing black horses. Anjali says it was not a good thing. Arjun says justice lady Anjali is not happy. Black horses walk without lace. Anjali laughs on Pari. Arjun says sometimes it is good to be bad.
Anjali says sorry to Pari for morning. Anjali and Pari climb by rope. Anjali falls.
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