Thapki Pyaar Ki 19 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19 May 2016 Written episode Update. Thapki Pyaar Ki today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with the man asking Thapki to decide soon in half an hour whether she wants the evidence or Bau ji’s life. She gets worried and tells Bau jit hat she will not let anything happen to him. Vasundara comes and asks what are you doing here. Thapki says nothing will happen to Bau ji. Vasundara asks what. Thapki recalls the man’s words that she should not tell this truth to anyone. She says nothing Maa, you take care of Bau ji. Vasundara sends her out. Dadi comes there and reads Paath for Bau ji. Thapki recalls everything and cries. She thinks what to do. Thapki says I don’t know what to do. Dadi reads about Abhimanyu going in the Chakra as he loved his family and duty. Thapki hears this and gets inspired. She leaves from there.

Shraddha says finally I got the chance to break this DVD, Bihaan can’t get saved and Thapki can’t win, sorry, but this DVD is gone. She sees Dhruv coming and hides the DVD. He asks why is she scared. She says you came suddenly from office, I did not expect you will come soon. He says I wanted to sit with Bau ji. She asks him to go and spend time with Bau ji. He says yes, I have some imp work to do first. Suman asks Thapki what are you saying, we will tell everyone. Thapki says no, that man stopped me, and if we tell everyone, will they trust me, I want your help. Suman says I will help you, you are taking false DVD to that man, if anything happens to you then…. Thapki says no, I will not let anything happen to Bau ji, if Bihaan was here, he would have done same thing which I m doing.

Dhruv asks Shraddha why is she standing like this, she can do her work. She says I was going to kitchen to get fruit juice for you, will you have it. He says I don’t mind having it. She goes. Dhruv talks to Vivek on phone and asks for telecast DVD. He checks for the DVD in his bag and everywhere in the room. He gets the DVD which Shraddha has kept, and says it does not have any label, maybe this is the one. He takes that DVD.

Thapki goes to meet that man, and has the wrong DVD. Few goons come there and ask for DVD. She says call that man who called me, I will give DVD to him. The man who stabbed Bau ji comes there, covering his face. She asks did you stab Bau ji. He says yes, I stabbed him and shows his face. She recalls seeing him in the hospital, dressed as ward boy. The man says I can kill you too, if you don’t give me that proof. She asks why did you stab Bau ji. The man says enmity, you are very young to understand that enmity, give me that DVD. Thapki asks for antidote. The man shows the antidote and says your Bau ji’s life is caught up in this life, if you want this, give me that DVD.

Bihaan is in lockup and cries. Vasundara goes to meet him. He asks did she know the truth now. She asks him to stop it now, you have harmed Bau ji, now spare Thapki, she is getting me, she is spying and trying hard, have pity on her, tell her you stabbed Bau ji. He asks are you saying this after seeing DVD. She says there was nothing in DVD, Thapki made a failed attempt again, stop covering up your mistake. She leaves. Bihaan gets thinking. He says DVD did not play, why did Thapki not tell this to me, where is Thapki.

Thapki gets scared seeing the gun. The man asks Thapki to give DVD if she wants Bau ji’s life. Thapki gives the DVD and stops. She runs. The man asks his goons to catch her.

Bihaan says why did Thapki hide about the DVD, did she lose DVD, but when…. He worried and asks inspector to leave him for some time, he will meet Thapki and come back, atleast let me meet Thapki once, that man who attacked Bau ji is very dangerous. Inspector scolds him and asks him to sit quiet. Bihaan says let me make a call, I beg you. He shouts Thapki. Thapki runs to temple. The man follows her and asks her not to be foolish, give me DVD, else you will die, why did you come in temple. Thapki says so that you don’t do anything wrong. He says you stammer, but your mind runs fast. She asks him to give antidote to her and take DVD. She gives him the DVD and takes antidote. She gets relieved. The man stops her from leaving and says work is not over, I have to see is this DVD same or not. He asks his goons to keep an eye on Thapki.

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