Kasam 19 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kasam 19 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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On the breakfast table, Bee ji appreciates Rano for keeping the fast else she wouldn’t have got someone like Raaj. Rano says that Raaj had come after her. Raaj gives the credit of his wedding to Veeru, Tannu hears this and was upset at her father’s mention. Rishi comes there, Raaj offers him to eat some sweet, and Rano and Bani have kept fast. Rishi says he also did, for Tanvi…. Then asks them to eat the sweet of Tanvi’s hand. Manpreet comes to Rishi and asks him to eat something hidden. Rishi says he was really serious and wants Tanvi.
Ahna comes there, Rishi challenges Manpreet she would call him Lafantar, Ahna comes to call him Lafantar but a cute one.
Tannu comes to kitchen and watches Neha eating in kitchen. She pulls Tannu and warns her not to tell anyone. Swati comes to call them as they have to go shopping for jewelry. Pavan appreciates Maal Pooray made by Tannu. He thanks Tannu they can go shopping sometime else as well, as she is fasting today. Tannu was ready to go. Bani and Raaj were happy that Pavan takes care of Tannu. Tannu wonders whom she is fasting, if for Pavan who is eating in front of her or for Rishi who is hungry since morning. Rishi notices her stare over him, and raises an eyebrow. She looks away. He smiles.
Manpreet says that he is Rishi, he doesn’t leave bed without breakfast but he is fasting today. He offers Rishi to drink juice. Rishi insists he would fast for his wife to be. Neha and Bani cheer. Raaj forbids Manpreet to compel Rishi eat and break his fast. Rishi heads to shopping and promises Manpreet that his sister in law to be will be with him. He takes Raaj’s card and leaves. Neha, Bani and Swati decide that Neha must buy the heaviest Mangal sooter.
In the market, Saloni comes out and meets Pavan. Pavan tells them that Saloni is also coming along, she wants to select Tanvi’s Mangal Sooter, if they don’t have a problem. Tannu says its good Saloni came. Pavan goes to bring his car. Neha asks Tannu’s help to pin her dupatta well again. They stop in the way, Saloni and Rishi head forward. In the way, Rishi hits Saloni. She asks Rishi if he hit her by his will. Rishi assures he won’t ever hit her. Saloni asks if she isn’t pretty. Rishi explains he already made a mistake once, she is a universal sister in law. Pavan joins Saloni.
Rishi thinks that Tannu will sit in front and he would have to become sandwich between the two ladies. Saloni demands to take the front seat, Pavan opens the car door for her first. Tannu sits on the back seat with Rishi in middle.
Bani was angry at the Pandit. Guljeet comes in, Bani asks him to bring that Pandit. Guljeet asks how he can get him. Bani insists on him to bring that Pandit, she wants Pavan and Tanvi’s wedding at the earliest.
In the way, Rishi notices Saloni happy with Pavan. He thinks today Pavan did exactly what he had done for Tanvi. If Pavan also loves Saloni, he jerks the idea that Saloni is his sister in law. Saloni asks Pavan to take a turn, Pavan says they aren’t going to her jeweler because he never has good designs. Saloni insists about going to her jeweler. Pavan takes a turn and asks Saloni where to go. Everyone notices, Neha says they are just fighting like a cute couple. Rishi thinks about talking to Saloni, he asks Saloni whom is she close to, Pavan or Akshay. Neha says its obvious she is close to Pavan. Saloni was silent. Rishi says it seems she is close to Pavan more than Akshay.
Saloni tells him she was at first close to Pavan, later she got Akshay and married him. Rishi says that this means Tanvi is endangered till Akshay doesn’t return. Rishi calls it a joke, Pavan and he stare in the rear view mirror.

PRECAP: Tannu comes behind Rishi and questions if he is eating here? Rishi says everyone appreciated them so he was just taking fragrance.

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