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Tamanna 19 May 2016 Written episode Update. Tamanna today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Dhara presenting her thoughts on the custody matter. Dhara says people make the city safe, every kid is safe with mother always. Dhara says mother has children in her womb for nine months, children need mother, not a big city, now your great thinking has to decide, does truth wins or any fake fear creators. Her students clap for her. Judge says maintain peace, court will declare the decision after half an hour, we have all the evidence. Dhara asks Prakash would judge decide in our favor. He says you presented mother’s pain well, we will win, have some patience. He is called by judge to meet in chamber. Dhara tells Pitambar that Prakash went to meet judge. Pitambar asks her not to worry.

Mihir tells Sharma that Prakash has played well and Dhara’s lecture was also his idea. Sharma says their words won’t work over evidence, judge will decide well, you will get custody, don’t worry. Sharma is called by judge in chamber. Mihir asks why did judge call you. Sharma says I have no idea, let me see.

Everyone come back to court. Judge says court will declare after seeing all evidence, Dhara’s plea is weak, as evidence is regarded supreme, I don’t think I should prefer evidence in this case, this is not a criminal case, it’s a little girl’s custody case, Mihir is right to plea, he wants to give good future to his daughter, a mother can take the girl towards bright future, mother gives good values to a child, who will get first right on the child, the mother who gave birth to the child, its just a mother who gets rebirth with child’s birth, Maa is first Guru, child needs a mum at every phase of life, so court shuts this case here and declares that Dhara is given Shubhangi’s custody.

Dhara happily cries. Everyone get glad. Mihir gets shocked. All the students lift Prakash happily. Dhara thanks Prakash. Mihir looks at her and fumes. He leaves from the court.

Pitambar tells Dhara that I knew you will win this match, you played really good and fast, I m very happy. She thanks him. Mishra says it’s a new history in Bulandgunj. Dhara says Prakash did all this, thanks. Prakash says I should thank you, this is our victory, not just mine. The students say Dhara’s speech was so good, she spoke really well. She asks them to think about tournament victory, then their happiness will double. They all leave. Dhara tells Pitambar that she will meet Shubhangi and come. She goes home to meet Shubhangi. She hugs Shubhangi and kisses her.

Mridula says congrats, Sameer informed me on phone, I m happy, everything got fine. Dhara tells Shubhangi that you are just mine. Shubhangi says yes, I m your daughter, I will not leave you, I promise I will agree to everything you say, why are you crying. Dhara says nothing, did you trouble aunty. Mridula says I get happy being with her. Dhara says you will also get a child soon. Mridula says yes, I m counting days to get my baby in my lap. Dhara tells Shubhangi that someone special will come and call her Didi. Shubhangi asks who. Dhara says a little baby is going to come in Mridula aunty’s home. Shubhangi asks really, when…. Sameer comes home. Mridula says I will make tea. Sameer says wait…. Mihir follows in.

Sameer says Mihir wanted to talk to talk to Shubhangi for the last time, I hope Dhara does not feel bad. Mihir thanks Dhara and says I could not live without meeting Shubhangi, don’t know I can see her again or not. He gives chocolates to Shubhangi. She keeps it away. He says whatever I say, maybe you won’t understand, you are young, just believe that I m saying truth, the truth is I m not a good father, when I saw your mummy’s anger, I understood I did not fill any love in you, I see fear in your eyes, I understand its because of my mistakes, I was always wrong, I burnt all my relations with my ego, I wanted to get relations by lies, I forgot there should be trust and love. Dhara looks on.

Mihir says I was doing sin to separate you from Dhara, accepting my mistakes will be my repentance, I was using you to hurt Dhara, I wanted her to cry, so that her tears give me happiness, maybe this was right time, Lord has to teach me a lesson, court decision stopped me from doing this sin, I understood mother’s love can’t be snatched, I m your culprit, always remember this, that your Papa was not a good man. Dhara, Sameer and Mridula look on.

Dhara says I know this truth will not stay for long, you will come in your real form again. Mihir cries.

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