Sadda Haq 18 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 18 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
sanyyu says come on carry on. You were fighting on a bet? you will make me confess in seven days and randhir will make me hate aryan? Why so much fight. Lets toss it. Come on, aryan heads or tails? Aryan says listen to me. SAnyu says what you wanna talk about? Heads or tails? Come on speak up? You were not quite when you were betting on me? Am I an object? Do I need a guy to exist? Two guys bet on a girl to satsify their egos. My ambition is everything i need. If love and relations are like these then I don’t want it. What randhir did wasn’t surprising because his life mottto is to hurt me. But you? I trusted you Aryan. Sanyu leaves in anger. Aryan throws glasses in anger. Randhir says I could never hurt her this much the way you did thanks. 3 days are left. What can you do? I am so good. Randhir says you are finished. Aryan is in tears.

Sanyu is crying her room, she recalls everything. Aryan comes to her. sanyu shoves him away. The song main tenu samjhawa ki plays in background. Sanyu shoves him out of room and sits there in with door in tears. Snayu recalls her moments with aryan. She is in corridor. Randhir sees her.
Aryan recalls how sanyu shoved him out of room.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu is going. Randhir comes with magnifying glass. He says sanyu why don’t you do something for your dark circles. Oh reason is something else. I thought its because of work pressure. Sanyu says I never saw a more disgusting human than you. Your life’s driving force is problems of others. Randhir says just yours.
nirman comes in lab. He says let me remind you, you are here for work. I cant give you motivational speech every day. I want each of you to give me 200 percent otherwise you can leave. World wont recall you from your personal life but from what you gave to the world. Sanyu says yes sir we will start our next task right now. SAnyu says here is the video for our next task. its sanyu’s video kissing randhir. Everyone is dazed. Sanyu stands there in shock. she looks at aryan. Aryan leaves in anger. Sanyu looks in anger at randhir. Kritka says lets go joy sumit and arjun. Sanaya says lets go shiekhu.
Sanyu says aryan listen to me. He leaves.
Aryan is in a room he hits himself with a chain. Aryan says if relation was there she would have confessed. You were never there.I am mad at myself. You never loved me. I was living in a misconception. He recalls what vidushi said. He recalls randhir saying I am sanyyu’s first love and will always be. We had a commitment. sanyu comes in and says why are you hurting yourself. I am really sorry. I should have told you. Please say something. I am really very sorry. Aryan leaves.

sanyu hits randhir and says does it hurt? She slaps herself and says see. I can hit anyone and I kill anyone. You are sick. Give that video in news channels. You must be happy to see I am hurt. Come smile. She shoves him. Sanyu says I am just an object of furstration for you. Randhir says I didn’t do this. WHy would I do this. Sanyu says you have every reason to. You are happy when you hurt me. She hits him and says you couldn’t become lead couldn’t win any of the tasks so you are doing this now. Randhir says I didn’t do this. Sanyu says shut up. Randhir says please trust me.Sanyu says what we had was over and you insulted that today. I wish you were never in my life. She leaves in anger. Randhir shouts I didn’t do it.

Randhir is working he recalls everything. sanaya comes in and says congratulations. Why are you so sad? I thought you would be happy. She has drinks.Sanaya says time to celebrate. Randhir throws the glass in anger and says what are you celebrating for? Seeing her humiliated makes you happy? sanaya says what happened?Randhir says just get out from here. I want to find the person who leaked this video. Go from here sanaya. He hits the wall.sanaya says what are you doing? Rndhir says I am fine. Sanaya says i leaked that video. Randhir looks at her in shock. Randhir says don’t.. Just get out. Sanaya says I am serious i did that.

Precap-Randhir is drunk and says i said her i didn’t do it. She doesn’t believe me. Sanyu says I can never trust you. No matter what you do I will never trust you. Stay away from me.

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