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Kasam 18 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Bani warns Rano that blood relations are broken by youth. What if Tanvi also responds to Rishi? Rano understands that they are even unaware about Tanvi’s parents. She can’t let Rishi take Tanvi to America, though she doesn’t like Tannu. She was determined now.
Saloni comes to tease Pavan who was reading newspaper. Pavan wins the newspaper back getting cozy with her. Saloni reminds him about his promise for a diamond set. He had called her from the engagement hall, and promised her a diamond set if she assures everyone they are not girlfriend and boyfriend. Pavan remembers about his promise. His parents come home, Saloni heads to kitchen. Pavan’s father tells him to get Tanvi for jewelry shopping. Saloni smiles at him.
At night, Rishi comes to speak to Bee ji. He says that since Bee ji is the eldest she must announce that Tanvi won’t fast. Bee ji tells Rishi the story of Shiv and Parvati’s love who got their love after this fast. Rishi assures Bee ji about keeping this fast tomorrow for Tanvi. Tannu was shocked hearing this. Bee ji wish him to get the girl he loves. Bee ji watches Tannu standing on the door with milk and calls her inside. Rishi thinks his family is so sweet, his Bee ji and his Tanvi. He calls Tannu from behind, she turns but he says nothing. She leaves, Rishi follows her.
Pavan brings Saloni sweet for his wedding with Tanvi. He tells Saloni Pandit got the date after a week. Saloni says she is really happy about it, she will be the happiest because of this wedding and will give his hand in Tanvi’s.
Rishi comes asking Tanvi why she is still annoyed. Tanvi was angry why he spoke to Bee ji about her. Rishi tells Tannu that Bee ji likes her as much as he does. Rishi assures Tannu Bee ji is more like a friend to him. She reminds Rishi that only girls fast for Teej, they are getting married to different people. Rishi wasn’t ready to listen, and was sure they both will like the same Mangal sooter tomorrow. He finds a box full of sweets, stuffs half in Tannu’s mouth and half in his. He finds Ahna outside, and stuffs some in her mouth as well.
Raaj was speaking to his worker angrily. Rano comes there, he tells her that Nathan, whom he had given untoward increments has left the company after a girl. He boasts about Rishi who was ready to marry Tannu just because of them. Rano was worried for Rishi. She accepts her fault about being against Tannu. Tannu is a nice girl, she will give her motherly love and blessings. Raaj was shocked, and inquires whom she got that her mind was changed. Rano says Tanvi. Raaj appreciates Tanvi to be a very nice girl. She explains she wants to save her son from Tanvi, she has no class and status. Raaj calls Rano’s thinking being the backward. Raaj tells Rano she didn’t understand Tanvi, if in today’s world a girl keeps a family bonded is the richest one. Raaj says if he hadn’t found his friend’s daughters he would have married Rishi to Tanvi. Tanvi has a good brought up, his heart tells him that Rishi and Tanvi have been made for each other. Rano wasn’t ready to accept. Raaj confirms if Rano will fast tomorrow, if she is happy with him.
Ahna comes to Tannu, Tannu was annoyed and explains to Ahna Rishi thinks she would fast for him. Ahna was shocked and goes to break his face. Tannu stops Ahna, calling him a cute face. She doesn’t let Ahna go, and tells her Rishi is keeping Teej fast for her. Tannu was worried that Rishi must not fast, he is always hungry and won’t be able to bear it; it will be sin for him. Ahna tells Tannu to go there by herself then. Tannu tells Ahna that Rishi even told Bee ji about it. Ahna smiles wanting to kiss his face, he is so cute. Tannu wonders what happened to her at once, she wanted to break his face now. Ahna asks what he must tell Rishi, that why he loves her sister so much? He made someone like her cry as well. He is the real Ranjha who is always behind her.
Tannu cries remembering her maa, she had taught her what love is, in childhood. Maa always said true love is very powerful. Ahna confesses she has seen Rishi wandering around her day and night and will be broken if he can’t get her. Tannu asks why this happens? Ahna says may be love stories are like this, lovers never meet. The sisters hug and cry.

PRECAP: Rano asks Rishi if he is also fasting. Rishi spits he did for Tanvi.

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