Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18 May 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Raman taking Ishita’s belongings outside house. He says this woman is dead for me, I hate her name and everything. He burns Ishita’s belongings. Ishita looks on sadly. Shagun comes home and asks Raman whats all this. She gets shocked seeing Ishita there. Raman proposes Shagun. Raman tells Shagun that I regret Ishita did not die, but she stays alive or dies, I don’t care, Shagun you came on right time, Maa always wanted Shagun and me to get married. He turns to Shagun and asks will you marry me… They all get shocked seeing Raman proposing Shagun.

Raman says Shagun you are staying here since 7 years and taking care of children, we will give a chance to each other once again, we will fix date soon, those who are invited, just they should come. Ishita cries and goes to Iyer house. Raman holds Shagun’s hand and takes her to Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman gets mad in anger, he says what he wants, I have to do something. Ishita cries and recalls her family memories. Amma comes and says I did not see this, and removes the garland from Ishita’s pic. She says that day when I saw you, I decorated your room the same way as you like, come I will show you. She asks her not to feel bad of Bhallas, they have no culture and values, we will not keep relation with them.

Ishita cries and says I won’t stay here. Amma asks why. Vandu says you got your bag, you came to stay. Ishita says yes, but I did not come to stay. Amma says you came to stay at Bhalla house, even this is your house, we want you to stay here, why are you punishing your Amma? Ishita says my life has become a punishment, what will I punish you. Amma says we all love you a lot, come back. Ishita says if you all love me, why did you have enmity with those whom I love, there is no relation with them from your side, even you are wrong Amma, if I stay here, I can’t change anything.

Amma says so you are feeling bad for them, that family is right and I m wrong. Amma cries and says you don’t value us. Appa consoles Amma. Ishita asks Amma what is she saying, if I did not love you, why would I come here, you used to be good with Bhallas, I don’t want to see these fights now. Amma argues. Ishita says I m leaving.

Raman argues with Mrs. Bhalla and asks why is she feeling bad when he said he will marry Shagun. Shagun hears them. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun herself does not want to marry you, why will I feel bad. Shagun goes and washes face. She recalls Raman’s proposal and says why did I get glad when Raman said he will marry me and held my hand, why did I feel good, I want this family, and Raman…. But Ishita has come. Why did I not say anything when Raman proposed me infront of Ishita…… she cries.

Raman calls Mihir and says I m marrying Shagun, don’t worry about Ruhaan’s shoot, I will manage, do arrangements for my wedding, it should be simple, there should be no one whose face I hate. Mihir wonders why is Raman marrying Shagun, whats happening. Bala goes to Ishita and gives her a kerchief. He asks what are you thinking. She says I met everyone after long time, I m hurt as Amma shouted on me. He asks is this the only reason, or because Raman wants to marry Shagun. She asks why are you thinking this, why will I cry for this. He says eyes shows emotions, you are crying because of Raman’s behavior, you can’t hide your love, we are your family, you can share your problem, we will find its solution.

Ishita tells Bala that this should have happened before, Raman should have married Shagun long ago, why did he not marry, Shagun has sacrificed a lot and gave her 7 years, who waits for someone in today’s world, I was assumed dead, so this is happening right, I did not come for this, I came to unite two families, and tells how she misses everyone, its her duty to end this enmity, who got created because of her. He says you have to stay here for this then. She says I m thinking to stay as PG in this building, if I stay in anyone’s house, they will think I changed party, its complicated, I will talk in society office, see my luggage, what you are thinking is wrong. She goes. Bala says you felt bad as you love Raman, you feel Shagun has right on him now, I really wish you come back in Raman’s life while uniting both families.

Adi asks Shagun how can she agree to marry Raman after knowing everything. She asks whats wrong if Raman wants to marry me. She says I m doing this for everyone’s good. He asks what about Ishita, who will think for her.

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