Krishnadasi 17 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Krishnadasi 17 May 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Tulsi comes to aaba’s house and says i have to talk to Aryan, i have seen truth and love in Aryan’s eyes for Aradhya, he cant cheat her, she says i will wait for Aryan to come back home.
Aryan is at some isolated place, he cries. Otherside Aradhya cries too. Baaton ko teri song plays. Aryan thinks that i will get married to Purva tomorrow, Aradhya will be so hurt, he cries. Aradhya takes off her bangles given by Aryan’s family, both are hurt and sad. Aradhya looks at ring given by Aryan, she takes it off and throws it away. Aryan throws away things around and is pain too. Aradhya lies on floor and cries. Aryan thinks that before we separate, i should meet Aradhya and tell her that my love is not a lie but situations are like this that i cant.. she will understand me.
Aryan comes to Aradhya’s house. Kaka sees him standing outside house and thinks what he is doing here? i have to tell Kumudini. Kumudini thinks that i have filled Aradhya’s mind against aaba but dont know if she believes it or not, that aaba have played good game but i cant let him win. Kaka comes there and says Aryan have come outside house, Kumudini says this is great news. Kumudini sees Aryan standing outside house and says my pawn has come here himself, now i can answer that aaba well.
Kumudini comes to Aradhya’s room who is still crying and sobbing, kumudini makes her get up and hugs her, she asks her to not cry, she asks her to be strong, i know you are hurt but i am with you, you havent eaten anything, i have brought warm milk for you, drink it, we cant do anything, they have no credibility, we will ask Aryan tomorrow why he did all this with you? dont get trapped in his sweet talks, he has done all this with you, you have right to ask him why he did drama of love, why he cheated you, till he doesnt accept his crime, keep asking him, keep questioning him, she asks her to drink milk, Aradhya says i dont wanna drink it, Kumudini says please drink it for me, Aradhya drinks it, Kumudini says you need strength to fight this war, you take rest, we will see tomorrow, what we can do, i know you wont be able to sleep, she asks Aradhya to get up, Aradhya gets up from floor.
Aryan looks at Aradhya’s window and thinks that aRadhya will understand my situation, i am coming Aradhya. Kumudini lies Aradhya in bed. Flashback shows Kumudini mixing powder in Aradhya’s milk and saying that my grand son is going to meet Aradhya Rao so she should get ready, fb ends.
Aryan climbs ladder and comes in Aradhya’s room, Aradhya sees him in her room and says you? Aryan says i wanted to talk to you, Aradhya recalls how Kumudini showed her Aryan hugging Purva, how she said that Aryan never loved her, Aradhya asks what you wanna talk? i dont wanna talk to you, there is nothing left to talk, i am nothing to you now. Aryan says dont say like this, Aradhya says get lost from my house, she pushes him away, Aryan says listen to me, Aradhya says what should i listen? i forgot that you are Rao family’s son, you have same blood, you people play with feelings of others, i dont want your sympathy, Aryan tries to control her, Aradhya slaps him little and moves away, Aryan tries to hold her but tears her blouse from shoulder, both are shocked to see this, Aradhya slaps him hard, Aryan says i didnt mean to do it, you can hit me, i know i did wrong, Aradhya says if you knew all this then you wouldnt have done this with me, he grabs her and says listen to me once, Aradhya says will you say that you will break marriage with Purva and marry me? she pushes him and says you never loved me, this was your and Aaba’s plan to take revenge from me, Aryan says how can you think like this? Aradhya says i know you hate devdasies thats why you planned all this, you did Shudi karan as i touched you, my aaji is right, you and aaba planned everything, when my aaji questioned you so you agreed to marry me but you always had Purva in your heart, Aryan says nothing like that, Aradhya says we were getting married but Purva remained in your house, she never left from here, you never loved me, everything is finished, Aryan grabs her and says you have to listen to me now, Aradhya says i will listen to you first tell me that you will not marry Purva and will stand infront of aaba telling him that you will marry me, will you say this? Aryan gets silent, Aradhya says you will not say this right? so just get lost, she pushes him away, he falls on floor, Aradhya kicks him out of her room and locks her door, Aryan asks her to listen him once, listen to me completely, i didnt cheat you at all, i have loved you and will keep loving you, i know you are angry but understand my helplessness, i cant put my aaba’s life in danger, i dont want to marry Purva, Aradhya falls on bed and faints due to milk. Aryan says i will never be able to accept Purva, i love you, i am not cheater, i know you are angry so you are not understanding this but when you will become calm then you will understand my helplessness, i love only you and will keep loving you, please forgive me if you can, i dont know what to do, he cries and starts leaving house, Kumudini sees him going and smirks.
Kumudini comes to Aradhya’s room and sees it locked, she asks Kaka to break door, he asks why? she says just break it, Kaka brings stick and breaks room. They come in to find Aradhya lying on bed, Kaka leaves. Kumudini comes to Aradhya and says how Krishan understands what i want? now Aaba will get real heart attack, its good that he booked bed in hospital already, just see what i do now, now Aryan will get married to Aradhya, just watch aaba what this Krishnadasi Kumudini will do. kumudini tears Aradhya’s clothes, mess up with her hair and makes her lie like someone has molested her, she says everything is ready now.

Scene 2
Tulsi is waiting for Aryan. Aryan comes there, Tulsi says Aradhya is very hurt with all this, why you did it? Aryan says its nothing like what you are thinking? Aradhya is not able to understand my helplessness, she is not listening to me, Tulsi asks if he talked to Aradhya? what did she say? Aryan says this is not important, i wont be able to marry Aradhya in this situation, please leave from here, he leaves, Tulsi thinks what will i say to Aradhya? that i didnt do anything for her.
Kumudini comes to Aradhya’s room and says lets start drama. She starts crying and asks Aradhya to wake up, she says you are gone, you trusted a person and see what he did with you, she asks Aradhya to get up, she says to Kaka that see what he has done with her, she sprinkles water on her face and says to Kaka that call Tulsi here and tell her what that Aryan has done with her. Aradhya gets up and sees her clothes torn, Kumudini says that animal Aryan torn your clothes, he has done disrespect, Ardhya remembers how Aryan came to her house and how she closed her room, Kumudini says you asked him some questions and see what he has done with you, he is a wolf, he did such cheap act with you, Aradhya is still confused.
Marriage preparations are going on. Aaba comes home on wheel chair, Pavitra sys you should not have come from hospital, Aaba says my grand son is fulfilling my last wish so i had to come, i wouldnt be at peace in hospital, where is Aryan? Pavitra says he is getting ready for marriage. Markand thinks that Purva have taken Aradhya’s place but lets see if she will be able to pull off her marriage with Aryan.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that first he said no to marriage then he came to play with your respect, are you orphan that he can do anything with you and throw you in market? how can he molest you? this is not world to be innocent, see what he has done with you, you and your aayi keep telling me to not plot against people but see what people do if you are fair with them, they think we are weak and try to suppress us, you are not weak, fight with them, i am with you, get justice for you, dont spare them, 21years back samething happened with us, Aryan’s father dragged your mother with hair, i was seeing everything but he pushed me away and didnt let me do anything and today his son have done this cheap act with you, will you remain silent now? or will you listen to your aaji? Aradhya feels disgusted.
Gayetri and Pavitra are waiting for Aryan, Pavitra goes to bring Aryan. Aaba smiles and thinks that Kumudini tried to play game with me, now she will understand the way of playing game.
Aradhya says i cant even imagine that Aryan can do this with me, Kumudini says he has done this with you, look at yourself, dont be silent now, he thinks you are toy that he can use and throw you whenever he wants, i am with you in this fight.
Pavitra brings Aryan in mandap dressed as groom. Aryan touches aaba’s feet, aaba says today it feels like i will get reward of doing good my whole life. Aryan sits in mandap, Pundit starts mantras.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that he did drama of getting married to you then he played with your respect and now he is getting married to Purva, go and file FIR against Aryan, you will not get justice in aaba’s house, no one will listen to you, only law can help you, come with me and file FIR against him, will you remain silent or fight back, its upto you, this is time to fight back, Aradhya looks on shocked.
Pundit asks to call bride, Aryan thinks that i am sorry Aradhya, it was about Aaba’s life so i had to choose aaba’s love instead of your love.
Kumudini and Aradhya comes to police station, Kumudini shows Aradhya’s torn clothes to Damini and says Aryan came in our house and molested Aradhya, he broke door of house, he was forcing himself on her, its good that i reached there on time, Damini says i want to listen all this from Aradhya’s mouth, she asks Aradhya if Aryan tried to molest her? Aradhya is silent, Kumudini says why you are silent Aradhya? you want justice or not? if you dont want it then we will go back home, Aradhya recalls aryan’s cheating, their tiff, she says yes, Aryan forced himself on me, she is in tears, Damini files FIR, Kumudini smirks.

Pavitra asks Aradhya to take her police complaint back against Aryan, she folds her hands and says only you can save my son,Kumudini says i have one condition for that. Kumudini burns complaint papers and says as per promise, Aradhya have taken her complaint back, now you have to marry her here in police station only, she put handcuffs in Aradhya and Aryan’s hands, she asks Pundit to start mantras, aaba and his family is there too.

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