Kasam 17 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kasam 17 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Rishi makes the girl fearful, she flee.
Rannu thinks about Rishi being disgusting, she considers him cheater as she cries. Rishi comes behind her and hands her tissue. She takes it at once, then realizes and turns to find Rishi holding his ears. She asks why he is holding his ears, it’s her mistake that she trusted him. She believed that he feels for her, that in her also the feelings for him… she stops. Rishi demands to continue. Rishi calls him a liar. Rishi calls her a liar just like him. Tannu says she has no feelings for him, Rishi calls her a liar. Tannu feels disgusted for whatever he does to girls. Rishi assures he only has love for her, he explains it was only a lie. He tells Tanvi he wanted Neha to see this, she did but Tannu also did. He wanted Neha to break his proposal with him, so that he can focus on achieving her. He doesn’t care for Saloni and Pavan. He explains he wants excuses so that Neha breaks the relation, because if he does this Tannu will also be hurt for her sister. He tells her that there can be thousands of excuses for her to hate him but to get closer to him there can only be a single reason, love. He heads to Neha who must be ready to hurt him, break his head even.
Rishi peeks in Neha’s room, she was in front of dressing table. Rishi thinks about the options she might beat him with. Neha says to Rishi that her aunt wanted her to impress him, she hates Indian traditional matters. Rishi holds her, confessing she made him weepy really. She is a nice girl, he wants her to get someone really nice. Neha tells Rishi she is really happy about watching him with another girl, they are both modern. She allows him to have as many affairs after marriage. Rishi tries to evoke Neha’s emotions that he is really a bad man. Neha fascinates about having affairs even after marriage.
Rishi comes to his room upset. Manpreet comes there. Rishi calls him great to be able to flirt, he doesn’t even leave married women. He tells Manpreet she is two levels higher than him in bastardness. They head Pavan’s family come to their home. They had brought Teej shagun for Tannu. There, Tannu was worried about Neha, Neha happily joins them. Pavan’s mother tells Tannu about Teej Mata’s fast, if a girl keeps it she marries the girl of her choice all at once. Rishi comes in and goes to stand beside Tannu, Pavan’s mother was unhappy watching him. Guljeet tells Rishi that Tannu will fast for Pavan tomorrow. Rishi wonders if for Pavan? He asks Tannu, everyone notices. Rishi asks Neha to fast too. Pavan’s mother takes Bani to speak to him.
Pavan’s father consider tomorrow as a good day for shopping gold and silver, he suggests about buying Mangal Sooter tomorrow. Rano wonders what Pavan’s mother has to say to Bani, she can’t trust Bani. She goes behind them.
Pavan’s mother complains Bani that Rishi is always after Tanvi. Bani asks how she can think about it. Pavan’s mother suggest about a solution for this. Bani explains Rishi is her son in law to be and she trusts him. She suggests about marrying Pavan and Tanvi as soon as possible, they will declare the dates tomorrow. The ladies find Rano standing at the door, Pavan’s mother leave. Rano comes to Bani and asks Bani why she heard so much for Rishi. Bani apologizes Rano for answering her that day. Bani asks Rano how couldn’t she notice Rishi’s stares towards Tannu’s. Bani says she understands that Rano always disliked Sharda and Veer, but if she doesn’t take Tannu’s hand Rishi will go behind Tanvi but Raaj would be upset because his promise would be broken. If Rano wills, she can control Rishi.

PRECAP: Tannu hears Bee ji and Rishi talking to each other. Rishi was excited to fast for Tannu.

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