Sadda Haq 17 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 17 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Randhir says to Sanaya if I don’t force you, you won’t do anything. She says you did it. You are feeling guilty. He says yes I do. He dresses her wound. Sanaya says you can say sorry. I might forgive. If you don’t I wont pardon you. She says remember last time we fought, you missed me right? I was pretending and not talking to you. Aryan maybe doing this to make her miss him. So she feels it and commits. He can do anything for the bed.

The waiter says to manager that man in room is weird. There was blood in his hand and I heard someone screaming too.
Randhir tries to track aryan’s location. Randhir says his encryption is of top level.
Randhir tries to hack and he tracks Aryan’s phone. He says there is a smart way of doing everything. Sanaya says this area? What is aryan doing there.
Sanyu tries callig aryan again. Randhir says street lights hotel, room 102. Thats where he is. Its a shady hotel. There is something that you aren’t accepting. sanyu says just shut up. Randhir says don’t you wanna know where he is? Are you scared? sanyu says I trust him. Randhir says then come and check. Or is your confidence weak like you?

Randhir and sanyu come to that hotel. Randhir takes her to counter Manager knocks. Aryan opens the door. Manager comes in. He says we have to check your room. They come in. they see kids in there. Aryan says they are slum kids I brought them here to feed them. Sorry I didn’t inform you. Manager says I am sorry. Aryan says no no its okay.
Randhir comes in.manager asks where are you going?Randhir says 102. Randhir breaks the door and goes in. Manager says we will have to call guards. There is no one in the room. Randhir opens a small room. There is no one in there either. Sanyu leaves in anger. Manager changed number of room. Sanyu leaves in anger. Aryan says in heart I am better randhir. Randhir says listen to me sanyu. sanyu says stay away from me.I was foolish that I listened to you and came here.

Sanyu enters ISRC, Aryan is there. She is shocked. Sanyu hugs him in tears. Aryan hugs her back and kisses her forehead. Sanyu says where were you? You could tell me. I was so worried for you. I looked everywhere. What is this on your hand?Why didn’t you call me? He says shh. and hugs her. Aryan says I am very sorry. Sanyu dresses his wound. Aryan says its better that I get injured and someone’s saved. These marks remind me who I am. I am sorry I didn’t call. I didn’t expect.. sanyu says you think I wont be worried for you. Aryan says why will you be? sanyu says what you mean.He says why would you be worried. sanyu stands up.Aryan says what do I mean to you? sanaya is overhearing.She says its not good.

Aryan sees his bruise and says I want to spend my life with you. Kritka says aryan is back and quite inbjured. Randhir says what..
Randhir comes to aryan and says how much will you drink? Aryan says I am celebrating. i am not defeated. I realized.. I won a friend. Whoever hacked my mail didn’t know what his stupiudity helped me with. Randhir says cheers. Randhir says you were in a shady hotel with another girl why are you wasting time on sanyyu? Sanyu manipulated so many people. Now you are using her to win bet. She deserves this. Aryan grabs his collar.
Aryan says don’t force me to do something I won’t want to do. Randhir shoves him and says all thanks to you. Randhir says you manipulated sanyu. She is the biggest manipulator in the world.Aryan starts hitting her. Aryan says I can kill someone but can’t hurt sanyyu. You know why I left so she misses me. and she did and she will commit to me. and I promise you that. They hit each other. Sanyu comes in.

Precap-Sanyu slaps randhir and says you ruined my life. Randhir says why would I do that? Sanyu says you are happy to hurt me. Randhir says I didn’t do it. SAnyu hit him and says just shut up.

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