Mere Angne Mein 17 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 17 May 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Riya threatening Nandu’s parents. She says I will kill myself if anyone does not listen, its big pain when husband and wife are made away, only girl is not hurt, the family is hurt, ask me about it, I won’t let you hurt my family, if you try to take Nandu, I will commit suicide and write letter that you are responsible for my death. Nandu’s dad says I will not stop by your warnings, I will take my son. Sarla asks Chanda to go ahead and do something, see what Riya is doing. Chanda begs to Nandu’s mum and asks her not to take Nandu away.

Riya asks Nandu to say something and tell his parents. Nandu says forgive me dad, and frees his hand. He holds Preeti’s hand and says I can’t go anywhere leaving Preeti ji. Preeti cries and tries freeing her hand. Nandu says I love Preeti ji a lot. Riya smiles. Nandu says I agree I did mistake by not telling my dad, but I did not do mistake by marrying, because I did this marriage by my wish.

Raghav asks Shivam why did Shanti leave home. Shivam says don’t know, she was not in her room, so we are finding her. Raghav asks inspector to find Shanti. Inspector says don’t worry, we will find her. Inspector gets a call and says we got to know about some woman. He shows the pic. Raghav and Shivam say she is not the one.

A man sees Amit and asks shall we play gambling here. Amit gets embarrassed and tells Raghav that we will go home. Shivam and Raghav refuse to go home and ask Amit to go. Amit says no, I will also stay here as you need me.

Inspector gets Shanti’s description wise woman and asks Raghav to go home, he will inform him when they get Shanti. Amit says I will also leave, Rani is alone at home. Nandu’s dad disowns Nandu. Riya and Kaushalya ask him not to do this. Nandu’s dad asks Kaushalya to keep Nandu as Ghar Jamai. Nandu says I will support Preeti always. His dad scolds him and leaves from there.

Nimmi, Vyom and Pari come home. Nimmi tells Sharmili what Baba said. Pari calls Nimmi the problem. Nimmi asks are you doing this to show I m Vyom’s problem, I remember what Pari did in Shivam’s marriage. She says Pari is blaming me for everything. Sharmili says I don’t believe in any Baba, its all false. She goes.

Anupam worries for Riya and tells Bunty that Riya did not come home, does she come office daily. Bunty says no, she is not coming to office. Bunty asks him not to worry, Riya is fine, we have monthly meeting today, Riya will come office, don’t worry, take care of yourself. She gets thinking that she is lying for Riya, don’t know Riya will come office or not.

Kaushalya goes out of house and stops Nandu’s parents. She tries to convince them, but they leave. Preeti asks Riya did she get happy now, I know Riya will celebrate now, what shall I do being alive, my fate is so bad to live this insulting life, I m a clerk’s wide, I will end my life. She goes to kitchen. Everyone rush to stop her. Kaushalya cries. Riya stops Preeti. Preeti scolds her and says I know everyone made me intentionally marry Nandu, so that anyone has to marry a poor guy, this is Shanti Sadan tradition. Sarla asks how can you compare yourself with me. Preeti says I have seen you begging money from Dadi always.

She scolds Riya for coming in this house so that Shivam does not leave her. She says I did not wish to marry Nandu, I was forced to marry him. She goes out. Nandu stops Preeti and says you can tell me anything, don’t insult my parents, they are your parents too. Preeti says now this clerk got a tongue too, Riya ruined my life. Riya asks Preeti to have some shame, what are you saying. Kaushalya asks Riya and Preeti to shut up. She says Riya you are staying here by force, by what right are you talking to Preeti and us, why do you talk in between, our son has left you. Sarla says yes, Riya made Preeti’s inlaws and made them leave. Riya cries and says yes, I did all this, you don’t give me a chance to speak. Raghav and Shivam come home. Preeti blames Riya and scolds her.

Riya asks Bunty to meet her in market place. Anupam says this plan can flop, did you think well. Riya says yes, don’t worry, I will do this.

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