Mere Angne Mein 16 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 16 May 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Shivam saying I will leave for police station. Nimmi calls Kaushalya and says I want to meet you. Kaushalya asks her to come. Shivam asks Kaushalya not to tell Nimmi anything about Shanti. Kaushalya tells Nimmi that she has much work and ends call. Nimmi gets upset and says fine, if you don’t have to talk to me well, I won’t come to meet you. Pari gives money to her ex BF and asks him to get out. He says I m your old lover, I will not take money from him, I will see Vyom. She asks him to just leave.

Amit meets Sarla and asks what happened, where did Shanti go. He starts acting seeing Shivam. Sarla asks Amit to go with Shivam to police station. Amit is worried hearing police station and refuses. Shivam asks him to decide fast. Sarla sends Amit with Shivam. She sees Riya and asks what are you doing with my phone. Riya says nothing, I was adding sugar in tea.
Nandu’s parents come there and shout for Shanti and Raghav. Sarla scolds them and asks them to talk with manners. She says they both are not at home, I m Shanti’s daughter Sarla. He says so you are Sarla, you have grown up. She asks shall I ask you for that. Nandu comes and sees his parents.

Pari tells Sujeev that she is getting bad dreams about Vyom, that he will die. Sujeev gets angry and asks what does this mean, you can see good dreams about him. She asks him to move the gun, her heart will fails. He asks her why did she get such dreams. She says I think Vyom should go temple with Nimmi, God came in my dreams and told this to me that they should do puja. He says fine, I will talk to Vyom. Vyom comes. Sujeev asks him to go temple with Nimmi, Pari has seen your death in her dream. Pari says yes, I don’t want my dream to get true, better go to temple with your wife.

Nandu’s dad scolds him and starts beating him for becoming a servant in Shanti Sadan. His dad asks him is this true what we heard, that you have married a runaway girl. They all get shocked.

Shivam goes to police station and tells inspector to write missing report of Shanti. Inspector argues and accuses Shivam to kick out Shanti from home or kill her, then coming to act here to file report. Shivam holds his collar angrily. Shivam is put in lockup. Amit looks on and picks Shivam’s phone.

Nandu’s dad asks where is that girl, tell me. Kaushalya and Sarla understand its Nandu’s parents. Nandu’s dad asks who has trapped my Ram type son, get that girl. Nandu’s mum insults Preeti for trapped Nandu. Preeti comes there. Nandu asks her to go upstairs, he will explain her later. Nandu’s mum says so she is the one who has trapped my son. She scolds Preeti and raises hand to slap her. Riya holds the lady’s hand. Riya tells the lady that Preeti is her bahu, she can’t slap her bahu, would you hear this if anyone said this about your daughter. Sarla asks Riya to be quiet. Riya says why shall I, our Preeti did not do anything, why to blame her, we will ask Nandu, did anyone force him to marry Preeti. Nandu says no.

Pari sits with Vyom in front seat, and says I get vomits sitting in back seat. Raghav calls Shivam. Amit answers the call. Raghav asks Amit what happened, why does he have Shivam’s phone. Amit tells him that Shivam misbehaved with inspector and is put in lockup. Raghav asks why, what happened. Amit asks him to come and see. He ends call. Shivam asks Amit why did he say everything to Raghav, truth does not suit you. Amit argues and says I think you got Shanti kidnapped.

Vyom stops the car as some guy comes infront. Pari’s ex in Baba’s disguise tells Vyom that he will fall in big problem because of a woman. Pari says I told you this before, now even Baba is saying this. Raghav goes to police station and asks inspector what happened. Shivam tells Raghav that Shanti is not at home since night, I came to file complaint. Raghav apologizes to inspector. Inspector says he got angry and we put him in lockup to teach him a lesson.

Sarla asks Riya why is she talking in between. Nandu’s mum says we know everything about Mohit and Preeti’s love story, she is defamed, we know it, Preeti lost her name in this city, we don’t believe this marriage, it did not happen by our permission and wish. Preeti cries. Nandu’s parents get angry and ask Nandu to come with them. Riya gets a sickle and asks them not to take a step ahead.

Riya threatens Nandu’s parents about committing suicide and blaming her for her death. Nandu’s dad says we don’t care for anything.

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