Dehleez 16 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Dehleez 16 May 2016 Written episode Update. Dehleez today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Arvind asking his friends to let Asad come, Asad also has a small role in this plan, go and open the door. He winds up the things. Asad comes inside and asks why did you take much time to open the door. The guys say we were studying for exams. Asad says exams come every year, but my sister’s marriage will be just once. He says you guys look tensed since few days. The guys make excuse. Arvind comes and says we will come in marriage and make a blast, we will enjoy for sure. Asad says he is my real brother, and laughs. He hugs Arvind.

Jaya gets ready and ties the back string. Jaidev comes there and helps her. Music plays……………… Jaya smiles and gets glad. Jaidev leaves. She turns and looks for him. Suhasini comes office. Swadheenta greets her and says I thought you will be busy at home, so I came office to manage work, is that okay with you. Suhasini says yes, that’s fine, you are part of family now, this office is yours too, no need of permission. Swadheenta says thanks, I will manage appointments and hearings for some days. Suhasini says that’s sweet, I will get some time with Simmi at home, take my time table from Dubey, I have to take some book for reference. She goes.

Swadheenta stops her and says I want your help in some case. Suhasini asks what case, Dubey knows I don’t handle divorce case. Swadheenta says this case is different, it has some critical medical condition, a woman has a weak heart and her husband wants to give her divorce. Suhasini says that’s disgusting, such cases run for long. Swadheenta insists. Suhasini says take an appointment, call them tomorrow and let me know. She goes.

Swadheenta meets Adarsh, Abhay and Simmi and tells them about the fake story she made. Adarsh asks will this work, what if plan backfires. She says we will manage. She tells Simmi that she studied law, she learnt that when everything fails, just truth works. I know its not easy for you, but truth never backfires. Simmi says I also want mom and dad to know this truth before baby is born. Swadheenta asks her not to worry and rest at home, everything will be fine. Simmi thanks her. Abhay and Simmi leave.

Swadheenta asks Adarsh what is he seeing. He says I felt no one believes truth more than me, but I was wrong, your belief on truth is more strong, when I can’t decide on anything or get afraid to say truth, you become rock solid like this and support me. She says don’t worry, I m always with you.

Its night, Jaya sees Jaidev upset and asks what happened, why are you worried. He says nothing, just like that. She says Swadheenta is a smart girl, she will think well before doing things. He says I don’t know how will mom and dad react. She says I know, like Swadheenta said its good to face truth soon. He says maybe, I just hope everything gets fine. She holds his hand and says everything will be fine. He looks at her. She says its not necessary to keep things in heart always, we can share things sometimes.

Its morning, Suhasini surprises Ahuja. He sees Suhasini and Manohar. He greets them. Manohar says you got shagun for us one year ago, and today we got shagun, its our turn. Suhasini says baby is big happiness. Ahuja welcomes them. She congratulates Ahuja. Ahuja thanks him. She says no need to say anything, all bitterness of one year went away in a moment, you spoiled Simmi a lot, she does not eat healthy food, I will scold her a lot in these nine months for her and baby’s health, you don’t feel bad. Ahuja smiles. Suhasini says we will go now, we have to shop for Simmi and baby, we have to do many arrangements. They leave. Ahuja gets worried.

Jaya tells Suhasini that Simmi is not drinking soup. Suhasini goes to Simmi and asks here to drink soup. Simmi says I don’t like soup, I feel uneasy since morning. Abhay says Simmi is fine. Suhasini asks Abhay to call doctor at home, I have to help Swadheenta in some case, I will go for an hour and come. Swadheenta calls Suhasini and says client will reach till 4pm. Suhasini says yes, I m reaching.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta do you feel everything will be fine. She kisses on his cheek and says everything will be fine, don’t worry. They smile. Jiya…..plays………….Suhasini comes there for the meeting. Manohar comes. Suhasini asks how did you come here. Manohar says Jaya told me you are here, so I thought I will pick you for shopping. Suhasini says yes, time won’t get wasted, where is your client Swadheenta. Abhay is on call and tells Swadheenta that client is on call. Suhasini says why on phone, I came here for meet. Swadheenta says I will put it on speaker, talk once.

Manohar and Suhasini hear Abhay. Abhay says Mam, I know you don’t take divorce case, I want to give divorce to my wife, I want to say why I wish this. Suhasini asks him to say. Abhay says I married by going against my mom. She says every house has same story. He says I told the girl I can’t marry without my parents’ wish, I went to tell that girl, I got to know her heart is weak, I loved her a lot and had to marry her same day, I could tell this to my mom and dad, my mom loves me a lot, since one year, mom did not spoke to me well. She asks him to talk to parents clearly, do they stay on same house. He says we stay in same house, but we are not together, some days ago, I got to know my wife is pregnant.

Abhay says I have seen my mom and dad so happy for the first year, I felt the year’s bitterness is getting less, but I m afraid to think what will happen when they know the truth. Suhasini realizes its Abhay on the call and looks at Swadheenta. Abhay says I broke their trust once, and don’t want to break their trust again, so I decided to give divorce to my wife….

Suhasini gives phone to Swadheenta and asks where is Abhay…. Manohar gets shocked. Swadheenta signs he is here…. Swadheenta takes them to Abhay. Suhasini and Manohar see Abhay.

Arvind shows the bomb hidden in the tyre and asks his friends to fit this tyre in scooter, and park it at the spot. The guy asks but whose scooter it will be. Arvind says its Asad’s scooter….

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