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Naagin 14 May 2016 Written episode Update. Naagin today and Latest Written story.

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The episode starts with Sesha taking Shivanya’s form and coming to hut. Rithik hutsher and asks where was she. She says she was cleaning house. He shows her protective thread and asks why did she throw it. She says she did not throw it, it must have broken while cleaning hut. She then removes his shirt. He asks what is she doing. She says his shirt has someone else’s smell. He asks what she means. She says it is smelling wet soil. She then rolls on bed and romances him… Har kisiko nahi milta….song.. plays in the background. She falls on his back and kisses it. He turns and grass strand pricks his back. He says he cannot sleep on grass strand and says when they have to live like husband and wife, he will arrange bedding arrangement.

Shivanya is tied to a pillar. Yamini comes holding knife and cuts rope showing fake love and saying she considered her as her daughter, so she cannot see her in pain. Shivanya asks her what does she need. Yamini says nagmani from Rithik. Shivanya asks what if she does not get it. Yamini says she will kill Rithik then and says now Rithik is with Sesha who has taken Shivanya’s form and will easily take nagmani from Rithik and kill him. Shivanya thinks she has to save both nagmani and Rithik. She runs towards hut.

Sesha says Rithik that they should save nagmani from Yamini and Sesha and asks to call kaal bhairav/5-faced snake and get nagmani. Rithik calls kal bhairav. Sesha asks him to take nagmani. He takes nagmani and is about to keep it on her hand when Shivanya enters and shouts not to give nagmani to Sesha. Yamini and Gurumaa come behind her. Sesha says she is real Shivanya and asks him to give her nagmani. Rithik keeps gurumaa’s ring on
Sesha’s palm and her skin changes to snake skin. He says she is nagin and Shivanya has become human, so he will not give it. Sesha takes her real form and shouts at Gurumaa and Yamini if they could not come late. Gurumaa says black nagin is a traitor and wants to take away nagmani alone. Bees attack them all. Gurumaa asks Sesha to kill bees. She spits fire from her mouth and kills bees.

Sangram enters and snatches nagmani from Rithik and says nagmani will go to its owner. Yamini dances singing nagmani nagmani/ara ra naka muka naka muka.. He gives it to Gurumaa. Gurumaa reminisces hypnotizing Sangram singh with her black magical ash and controlling him. Yamini shoots Gurumaa right into her forehead. Gurumaa’s wound heals intanstaneously as she is posessing nagmani. She laughs that nobody can kill her now. She runs out. Sesha slaps Yamini and runs, but gurumaa ties belpatra on door and she cannot walk out. She shouts she will kill gurumaa if she comes out. Guru maa laughs and runs.

Rithik holds Yamini’s hands to snatch gun, and during their tussle, Yamini shoots Sangram singh and he falls down and asks Rithik to bring nagmani back soon. Shivanya says she will bring it. Rithik says she does not have naagin’s powers now, so she cannot go and walks behind gurumaa. Yamini sees Sesha standing near door and slaps her. Sesha says guruma tied belpatra. Yamini removes it and they both run in search of gurumaa.

Gurumaa runs in jungle and bees attack her. She throws nagmani on floor trying to save herself. Rithik reaches and burns bees with the help of nagmani. Gurumaa falls injured and unconscious. Rithik takes nagmani. Sesha and Yamini see Gurumaa on floor and Sesha says Rithik and Shivanya must have taken nagmani. Yamini says bees are indication of mahishmati clan who are behind wall, they have to take their help and get nagmani back.

Shivanya takes Sangram singh to hospital. Rithik comes there and Sangram asks him to go and keep nagmani in shiv mandir. Rithik and Shivanya walk out when bees atttack them. Rithik shows nagmani and bees burn. He then goes to shiv mandir where 1000s of nags are surrounding shivling. He takes out nagmani and nags give him a way.

Shivanya’s mother’s soul come to meet her. Shivanya gets emotional seeing her. Mother says her and her husband’s souls are very happy seeing her returning nagmani to shivji. Shivanya says she is not a nagin now and Rithik saved nagmani. Mother says it is not about nagin or human, it is about fulfilling duties, now it is her duty to be with Rithik forever and protect nagmani from Mahishmati clan who will come on amavasya. Rithik enters and mom leaves. Shivanya hugs him and says her parents’ soul are in peace because of him.

Rithik gets Amrita’s call who says she needs him right now. He rushes home and asks Amrita what happened. She says she is in love. He says he got afraid hearing her urgency and asks who is his jijaji. She says Kabeer. He is shocked to hear that and asks if he is Tanvi’s fiance. She says yes and says she had crush on him and thought he would never return, but he came suddenly from nowhere and propsed her. She accepted his proposal, now he wants them engaged ASAP. He says he will speak to mom then.

Rithik comes out and Yamini asks why did he come here even after knowing his enemy stays here. He says he came to meet his siblings and values relationships more. Though she hates him and is just behind his money, he does not hate him. He has come to talk about Amrita’s marriage. She says she has fixed Amrita’s marriage with Karan. Rithik says Amrita loves Kabeer and wants to marry him, so he has called Kabeer’s parents and wants her not to create any drama. He does not love and hate her, so she should stay away from him, he will give nagmani to shivji on maha shivratri. Yamini starts her fake love and crocodile tears and pleads him to forgive her. He says never and walks out. She wipes her tears and smirks.

Precap: Shivanya says Yamini that temple has protection of 1000s of snakes and she cannot reach nagmani. Yamini says soon she will die. Shivanya says let us see who will stay and who will go. Kabir gets back life.

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