Dehleez 14 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Dehleez 14 May 2016 Written episode Update. Dehleez today and Latest Written story.

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The episode begins with Jaya asking Ad to search for his ring in his room. Simi to fakes that his ring must be in his room, jaya calls the servant to look for it too. Suha notices the ring on the carpet
Simi thinks that mom was watching the ring on the carpet but was not telling Afarsh that meant she to was unhappy with this wedding , thinks Cunning Simi
Asad n Swa have cute talks over Swa’s choice of dress for her date .
Next moment Asad is called by his three friends to meet him urgently .
At sinha house simi and jaya help search Adarsh’s ring. Soon it is found to the relief of Ad.
Later Simi narrates this tale to ahuja, then Ahuja says he now realised how she manipulated him and utilised him against Rama, simi agrees. Ahuja gloats o ly he was capable of doing this .
Simi boasts how she too broke up her friends relationships too
Simi vouches how she will make sure Suhasini turns against Swadarsh .

Simi gets a call from Abhay reminding her hospital appt , that she was late He was waiting for her .
Simi reaches there. Abhay fakes it was routine check up .
Simi learns about swadarsh movie plans .
Simi calls vanshika and asks her to meet .

Asad is taking his friends for a ride in the rickshaw He meets Vansh Bundela alone and he is informed that the terrorists had arrived in guise as students. Asks Asad to help him protect against their strikes , remain alert, keep eyes open,

Asad goes back to his friends they carry on site seeing mission .
Ad is waiting for Swa before the movie theatre impatiently. Swa is reaching in the auto .

To Adarsh’s surprise Vanshika meets adarsh whole he is waiting. She asks his help in sarkaari type work, theft of electricity at her drivers house by local goons , adarsh assures to help her .
Simi cals Vanshika and tells her to take Adarsh and go off from there .
Vanshika then manipulated Adarsh to accompany her to visit her drivers house .Simi helps her
Swa arrives and finds no sogn of Adarsh .
Simi smiles to notice Swa.
Next moment simi gets a call on Abhay’s phone informing that abahy’s wife was suffering heart disease and her condition was deteriorating
Simi’s is totally shaken Simi then goes to meet Swa and pretends to be surprised to meet Swa there ..
Next moment Simi recollects how abhay never revealed what was wrong with her. She faints .falls on the road .
Passers by help swa carry simi to to her car and Swa takes her to hosp
Swa calls Ad as he is walking with vanshika Adarsh is shocked to learn about Simi fainting and swa in hosp with simi .
Jaya and jaydev too hear about this , jaydev informs Jaya about simi’s condition .
On reaching the hosp Ad finds Abhay there with swa, adarsh learns swa has informed Suhasini too
The brothers fear the inevitable as they notice their mom Bhaiya jaydev and jaya bhabhi rushing towards them , manohar is there too
They look alarmed
Unconscious simi is wheeled on a trolley into the ICU ward .
The family asks abhay and Adarsh , suha and Manohar ask what was wrong with her Abhay fakes there was nothing to worry. They would inform after reports . Ahuja too arrives .

Precap for tomorrow
Simi is discharged from hospital , suhasini welcomes her along with abhay , Manohar, bhaiya, bhaabhi, with tilak aarti , showering of flower petals etc with smiling face . Simi is very surprised. Abhay and adarsh feel awkward, Manohar looks troubled .

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