Kaala Teeka 14 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kaala Teeka 14 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kaala Teeka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Kali says unlucky is the woman who plans a wedding night without wedding. Gauri says get out of the room. Yug says to Kali I hate you in fact i feel like I like gauri too.Kali says congrats.
Yug comes to room. He says stay there. Don’t try to win me with all this. It wont have any benefit. Gauri says did you do dinner? yug says yes. Gauri says in heart then I have to do nothing. I mixed it in the food. Yug says what? She says the thing that brings people together. Love. Yug is fainting. Gauri says only love today. She shoves him on bed.
gauri says nothing can come between us. Kali is praying. Yug suddenly stands up and says dadi call the doctor. Kali comes in. Kali says to gauri what happened? Didn’t get yug? you need to love someone to have them. I knew yug is allergic to flowers. But you didn’t know. So the plan ruined. Nothing can come between ram and seeta. You will be ravan. Better luck next time.

Yug is on bed. Leela says everytime you come close to my son he is sick. Doctor says whoever stays near him will have rashes. Gauri says no. Leela says to kali you will take care of him. Kali says tell me doctor what medicine. I am not scared of the allergies.
Doctor says to kali later, I said all that because manjiri asked me. Kali says I know even if there was one I won’t hesitate. A wife’s responsibility is to share husband’s pain.
Kali says to kaka where is the med?? Leela says call the doctor. Kali says dadi I wanted to talk to you. I think the allergy was due to the flowers gauri brought. You didn’t tell gauri about mahorat. She should have been careful about the day. Her kundli is already unlucky. dadi says don’t interfere in our family matter. Get lost from here.
Leela calls pandit ji.
Leela says to gauri so you will celebrate wedding night without asking me? Gauri says now I will ask you before all this? Leela says was I stupid to bring you here with such bad kundli.
Gauri says so I can’t even close to my husband. Leela says you can but on a particular day. Gauri says when is that? Leela says after 7 days. Leela says don’t show me this face. don’t you know how unlucky you are.

Manjiri says to kali you have to be strong. Kali says I will be careful. Manjiri says next 7 days are so important you have to prove yourself.
Kali says let me apply this ointment. He says dont touch me. Kali says you can be mad but I have to do my responsibilty. Please yug. She comes close to him and the song ‘veh janiya’ plays in background. She applies the loation. Gauri comes in and says kali you are so caring. You take care of your husband, your husband must be missing you. We should call aryan here. Yug leaves in anger.
Gauri says I showed you your worth. Better be servant don’t try to be his wife. Kali says at least I have some worth. At least he feels something for me. He doesn’t even hate you.
Gauri comes to yug. He says I dont wanna talk and thank God I have this allergy at least this way I can stay in a different room from you.

Vishwa is doing tap and pooja. Manjiri sees him in shock and says what are you doing? What have you done that you are punishing yourself? Vishwa says you can’t forgive if you listen. He says I don’t know what can make neel’s life better. Manjiri says there can be only thing that6 can recitfy this.

Yug says to leela I am going I have a meeting.Leela says you are not okay yet. He says this is important. Kali says I will come with you. gauri says i will come with you I will shop. Leela says you are staying home and don’t come near yug until he is okay.

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