Mere Angne Mein 13 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 13 May 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Sarla scolding Nirmala and beating her. Nirmala runs and says listen to me once. She gives her jewelry and asks Sarla to let her stay here for few days till she finds new hours. Sarla checks jewelry and says you can stay here, you are like my younger sister. Rani asks Sarla to come aside. Sarla says I will give her your bed. Rani says don’t make her take my room. Sarla says we will make her stay in balcony. Nirmala thinks its fine, room is not far from balcony.

Sarla calls Shanti. Kaushalya answers call and says Shanti fell down and doctor checked her. She is sleeping now, I will tell her that you called. Sarla asks how is Chanda. Kaushalya says Chanda is like cow, she is helpful and nice. Sarla gets glad and ends call.

Shivam comes home and sees Riya. Kaushalya asks Chanda to give food to Shivam. He says she is new here, you give me food, it does not look good. Kaushalya says I m alone to do all work, I have to take food for Shanti. She takes food for Shanti and does not see Shanti in her room.

Kaushalya tells everyone that Shanti is not here. She blames Riya for this. Riya asks them not to worry, Shanti would come back. Shivam and Kaushalya scold Riya. Shivam asks Riya to be quiet. Riya asks why shall I, if I m blamed, I have right to explain. Kaushalya tells Riya that Shivam is not her husband now, they are getting divorced. Shivam goes to find Shanti. Kaushalya calls Sarla. Sarla thinks Kaushalya is calling me to make me take care of Amma. She does not answer call.

Kaushalya stops Riya from finding Shanti, and says I heard you saying bad about her on phone. She calls Preeti and asks her to find Shanti. Preeti says don’t expect that I go to find Shanti, she will come back, don’t worry. Shivam says Preeti don’t go, but don’t say nonsense. Preeti says if I go to other’s house to find Dhanti, they will ask me my story. Kaushalya says yes, you wrote such a story. Preeti gets upset.

Kaushalya apologizes to her and says it was a slip of the tongue as she is very tensed. Preeti argues. Riya thinks where can Shanti go. Sharmili and Pari have an argument over Nimmi. Pari says Nimmi did not apply sindoor, and that’s why this is happening with Vyom. Sharmili calls her illiterate. Pari thinks to show what she can do. Vyom feels restless in sleep and goes out. He sees Pari and asks what are you doing. Pari asks what happened, did your wife say anything. He says no, she is sleeping. She says yes, she is your big enemy, she does not apply sindoor for you. She makes him believe her words.

Nandu tells Kaushalya that he will go and see Shanti. Kaushalya asks Preeti to see how much Nandu is worried, and Preeti is not worried for Shanti. Preeti says Nandu will go, he is a clerk, he will work. She goes to her room.

Sarla praises her beauty. Rani tells her that she is old. Sarla argues and asks Rani to get food. Rani says praise yourself, till then I will make food. Sarla gets Shanti’s call and asks her to say what happened. She says I m praying for your long life, what did you do, why did you leave from home, tell me, to find about Chanda, what was the hurry, you would have got fine and then went there. She says I will not find any other girl, take care, keep me informed. Ashok comes there and smiles seeing Sarla. Sarla wishes she gets her Sarla Sadan. He asks to whom is she talking. She says I m talking to Lord. He says let Lord take rest, have connection with me, serve me food by your hands. He gives her flowers. She asks why did he not get snacks, why this new drama today, go and get food, else tell Rani.

Shivam comes home and tells Kaushalya that he did not find Shanti anywhere. Kaushalya cries. Riya calls Bunty and tells about Shanti missing. She asks Bunty for help. Bunty says don’t worry, she would be doing drama. Riya says her feet is hurt, she can’t go anywhere. Bunty reminds sanyasan drama. Riya thinks Bunty is right, now I have to know what is Shanti planning.

Riya goes to check Shanti’s cupboard and thinks is Shanti doing drama again, she would be planning something new to trap me.

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