Parvarish Season 2 13 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Parvarish Season 2 13 May 2016 Written episode Update. Parvarish Season 2 today and Latest Written story.

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Ria walks with Sumedh to a jungle house asking what his next plan is. He says get ready for next move and ties her to a chair and asks to shout to leave her. He calls his partner who is at Simran’s house. She takes Simran’s laptop and shows her live footage of Ria’s kidnap. Simran is shocked. Ria frees herself and asks Sumer if she can go now. He says she cannot until her partner comes and frees her. She says he made Jogi her partner and she is better alone. She tries to leave, but he stops her and says rules are rules. Ria sits back on seat and after a bit of jokergiri asks goon to tie her tightly. Sumer signals goon. Simran sees Ria kidnapped and asks Sumedh’s partner what is all this. She says whatever she is watching.

Surinder serves gurdwara and gaurds people’s slippers. One of them asks why is she tensed. She says she does not know, her mind and heart are not coordinating. Man suggests her to leave it to god.

Sumedh’s sees live footage where forest officers are patrolling. His goon says if officers see them, they will bein trouble. Sumedh suggests to continue their plan.

Adi and Jassi continue searching Sumedh, Jogi and Ria. Adi breaks their handcuff and says let us search now freely They see jeep and hide, but see forest officer in, so Jassi goes to officer and says she needs help. She sees Sumedh’s goon holding Adi at gunpoint and says officer nothing. Officer asks if she is from SOTY. Jassi nods yes. He gives water and leaves. Sumedh’s goon comes holding Adi on gunpoint and asks Jassi to not try to be oversmart, else he will shoot her and Adi. They both walk and then run in opposite directions. Goon runs behind Jassi. Sumedh watches their moves on CCTV footage and tells Jassi’s direction.

Jogi continues searching Ria and finds Jassi’s bangle on ground. He hopes Jassi is fine and continues searching Ria.

Surinder knocks Simran’s door. Sumedh’s partner asks Simran to let Surinder go back. Constables stop Surinder, but she enters forcefully and asks Simran to come along with her to national park as she thinks children are in danger. Simran yells at her not to enter anyone’s house without permission and asks to go from there. She orders constables to take her away. Surinder says but children…Simran says they are under god’s protection and she does not have to worry, asks repeatedly to go from there.

Precap: Adi and Jogi see Sumedh with goon and call from goon’s walkie. Sumedh says Ria is under his control and orders to kidnap Adi and Jogi.

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