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Kasam 13 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Pavan comes home and teases Rishi and Manpreet. Bani comes there, Pavan says to Bani that his mother thinks it’s a good day as Saloni has been accepted in their family, his mother wants Tanvi to welcome Saloni to the home for the first time, can he take her? Bani sends Rishi to bring Tanvi.
Rishi comes to Tannu, she asks him not to make any false story now. He must go away, it’s really late today. Rishi tells Tannu Bani sent him, Pavan came to take her to her in laws. Tannu apologizes. Rishi asks her to go else people will make up stories against her. She passes by him, her dupatta get stuck. She asks him to leave it, he turns in shock. Her dupatta had been stuck in the door. (Agar tu hota na rotay hum plays). Rishi comes to help her.
Bani assures Pavan there was a misunderstanding, she never doubted his character. Tannu comes in. Pavan apologizes her he had to come so late. Bani allows Pavan to take Tanvi, she tells her they want her to be at their home when Saloni enters. Pavan asks Tanvi’s consent, Bani hands her hand in Pavan’s. She assures she has no tension at all about it. Rishi had come home, Manpreet goes in the room upset. Bani thinks now Tanvi will go to Pavan’s home as well, and Raaj’s money will enter hers.
Pavan’s parents ask Tanvi to do the rituals for Saloni. His mother instructs Saloni to drop the rice pot and enter the house. Saloni thanks Tanvi and hugs her, it’s because of her that she got her family back. Pavan’s mother also blesses her. His father asks Pavan to drop Tanvi back home as it’s late.
Raaj watches Rishi upset in his room, thinks about Rano’s warnings and comes in. Raaj asks Rishi why he seem to be really upset. If because what he wanted wasn’t possible, he wanted Saloni to come out to be Pavan’s girlfriend and Tanvi’s relation is broken. Rishi denies anything. Raaj tells Rishi he is his father, he understands what he never even says. He has always considered him as his friend, he must not force him to be a father. He forbids him to stay away from Tanvi, she is a nice girl and he changes girls as clothes. He must stick to Tannu only, else he will have to confront Raaj Singh Bedi as Tanvi’s brother.
Bani comes to wake Neha and Swati excited. She tells them Pavan took Tanvi to his home in front of Rishi, now Rishi is broken and wants a shoulder to cry on. She will then make up Rano. Neha was excited to dress up, Bani advices her to dress up traditionally as Rishi likes. Swati wonders how to handle Tanvi now, Neha assures she will take care of her.
Pavan stops the car, Rishi watches him bring gift boxes to Tanvi. He thanks Tanvi for returning his house’s happiness. He apologizes for lying that Saloni is his friend’s wife. Akshay is more like a friend to him. Tanvi says she can understand, Pavan leaves. Tannu watches Rishi in the window, and looks towards him with injured eyes. He hurries downstairs but she goes inside. He was still in hall, when she comes back and cries watching him silent and upset.
Ahna asks Tannu how it all went, if Pavan dropped her. Tannu was lost in thoughts. Ahna says she knows Tannu isn’t happy, all the blames on Pavan were proven wrong. She has seen the same sadness on her face as on Rishi’s. Tannu denies her idea and leaves. Ahna wonders whom she is lying to.
Neha hits Tannu in the corridor and warns her to stay away from Rishi. She asks Tannu if she washed her red dress from roof. Tannu heads to bring the clothes, Ahna’s words echo in her mind. Rishi had been standing there, his eyes shut. Tannu thinks she trusted Rishi but he only showed her what he wanted to see; but why? She comes to him, he was shocked to see her; his eyes filled in tears. He wipes his tears and asks if she feels like laughing, he made a huge story of petty matter. He wished Pavan had a relation with that girl and her proposal with Pavan breaks. Instead, he has broken for his little heart. He watches Tannu crying, holds his ears apologizing to make her cry. He wipes her tears, and forbids her to cry as he isn’t as well. Pavan is a nice boy, better than him; he is crazy and keeps on joining and breaking relations. He asks to hug her for one last time, please. He hugs her, Tannu cries hard. Rishi wipes his tears and promise never to come between her happiness. He has always teased her, but now no one will say all the dialogues that he is here, moon, he, his dialogues, tears, happiness, sadness… nothing won’t be hear. Tannu cries hard, wanting to say something but leaves the roof instead.
In the Kaali maa temple, the lady insists their couple has been joined for several lives, who they to break this relation are. A lady asks what if their fate is to part. The lady insists, their fate is written in a way that they aren’t meant to be together, but this universe can’t let them stay away as well. They love will always attract them. Nature has made their love this way, they will come in each of their lives to fulfil the Kasam.
Tannu comes inside the room, Ahna asks to switch the light off and get to sleep. Tannu shuts her mouth and cries sitting there on the bed. She lay on the bed crying, she said so much to him and he never got upset. In a corner of her heart, she also wanted Pavan and Saloni’s relation to be something more than just friendship.
Pavan comes to Saloni, they hug each other. Pavan appreciates Saloni’s acting, everyone thought they are really brother and sister in law; my foot. Rishi comes to Pavan’s house to apologize him, he had vowed not to come in his and Tanvi’s ways. Pavan tells Saloni that her acting made him crazy. Saloni says if she hadn’t done so, they would know what their relation is to each other. Pavan hushes her up and hug her. Rishi was passing through the gallery when he watches them together from a parted curtain. He looks for his phone in his pocket, but only then Saloni had shut the curtains. Rishi thinks that this means Pavan is playing false. He won’t now let anyone hurt Tanvi, he can’t let anyone between them.
Rishi speaks in dream and clutches Manpreet’s neck. He wakes up and tells Manpreet he dreamt about Pavan and Saloni being together. Manpreet assures him he was home and was asleep. It was a dream. Rishi says its morning, and early morning dreams are true. Manpreet insists he must understand it will not get them anywhere. Rishi was skeptic.
The next morning, Ahna asks Tannu to listen to her heart. She was caught last night when she asked her to look into her eyes. It appears in her eyes she doesn’t want to marry Pavan and leave Rishi. Tannu insists no one is being hurt except Rishi in all this and leaves the room.
The next day, Saloni wakes up with Pavan and happily wakes him up too. She teases him with nearby lying feathers and wakes him up with her tickles. He pins her into bed and tickles her back. She asks what if she screams by mistake? What will his parents think watching them together? He asks if she is blackmailing her, and shuts her mouth instead. Both confess each other’s love. Saloni asks what if Tanvi had asked this? She suggests if someone had heard this, the first one to die was Rishi.

PRECAP: Bani was taking a cup of tea from kitchen, Tannu insists it is for Raaj. Bani argues if Raaj is her father in law to be? She must prepare tea for everyone at home now.

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