Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13 May 2016 Written episode Update. Suhani Si Ek Ladki today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Leela saying Suhani made the food today. Dadi asks Leela why did she embarrass them by making guests cook. Suhani says I wanted to make food, Leela will cook from tomorrow. She tells Pratima that she made suji ka halwa today. Soumya says it will be full of ghee. Suhani says I know Soumya tortures Pratima by making salad, today Maa will gave halwa. Pratima says yes. Krishna says I don’t like anything cooked here. Rags asks her to manage today. Soumya says I will cook. Suhani says I will make it. Soumya says its okay, I will make pasta for Krishna. She asks Yuvani to have food which Suhani made.

Rags tells Menka that elders can’t work which kids can do, we should not target Soumya, we should target Krishna. Menka asks what, she does not matter. Rags says yes, if we say this again and again to Soumya, think what will happen to Soumya and Suhani’s friends, you won’t understand this, I have to do something now.

Soumya tells Yuvani to check plaster covers, and wear it if you like. Yuvani asks Soumya to make her wear it. Soumya says no, aunty will make you wear it. Suhani says sure. She checks the plaster covers. She likes it and makes Yuvani wear it. Yuvani thanks Soumya. Suhani says Soumya’s choice has always been good. Soumya receives a parcel. Krishna asks what is it. She checks it and says it’s a flute, like in pied piper Hamelin story. Yuvaan asks Yuvani don’t you know this. Krishna says no, Yuvani does not read story books, she just reads fashion magazines. Suhani gets thinking.

Yuvaan asks for whom is this. Soumya says for you, I did not give you any gift till now, that’s why. Yuvaan touches her feet and thanks her. Soumya asks who will say the story to Yuvani. Suhani tells the story. She hugs Krishna and says sorry, I could not make food for you today, I will make tomorrow. Yuvani tells Soumya that she will not go to Suhani.

Leela gives kesar milk to Yuvani. Yuvani asks where is mumma. Leela says she is with Krishna. Yuvani says I want milk by Soumya’s hand and throws the glass. Suhani comes and sees this. She asks what happened. Yuvani says I want mumma. Suhani says fine, but why did you throw glass, anyone can get hurt. Yuvani says I don’t care. Soumya and Dadi come there. Dadi asks Soumya why did she not give milk to Yuvani. Soumya says I thought Suhani will give milk. Dadi says its mother’s work, who is Yuvani’s mum. Menka and Rags look on. Menka jokes. Suhani says Soumya is Yuvani’s mum. Soumya asks them to go. She hugs Yuvani and says I will never leave you. She thinks you are doing this for Krishna, I promise she will also do something for you.

Its morning, Yuvaan asks Suhani why did Yuvani throw food, its not a good thing. Suhani says I don’t know. He asks Suhani to explain Yuvani. She says yes, I will. She takes breakfast for Yuvani. Yuvani says I had food and medicines, mumma gave me, she takes care of her. Suhani says fine and goes. Yuvaan explains Yuvani that she should not throw milk like this, many children in the world do not get milk. Suhani hears them.

Soumya tells Rags that she is calling Yuvani’s friends and giving a party to cheer her mood. Rags says wow, Suhani would know who is Yuvani’s mum, I appreciate your efforts. Soumya asks her to give her ideas daily, so that she will surprise Yuvani. Rags says don’t hide your insecurity. Soumya says I m not insecure, Suhani will go soon. Rags says you know once she comes, she won’t go. Soumya says we will see that. Yuvani is angry on Leela. She tell Suhani that she did not get a nice dress. Suhani says your friends are coming, clothes do not matter. Yuvani says it matters to me, I want to look best, my mumma knows about me. Soumya gets a beautiful dress for Yuvani. Yuvani thanks and hugs Soumya.

The party begins. Krishna introduces her friends to Yuvaan. Dadi tells Suhani that they raised Yuvani well, she has everything. She goes. Suhani thinks they are equating love and care with money, what did they make Yuvani. Yuvaan was playing. Suhani asks Krishna to be careful, Yuvani would have got hurt. Dadi scolds Krishna and says Yuvani would have got hurt. Soumya says why did you tell Krishna. Suhani says I did not say much, Dadi started scolding her.

Soumya asks the kids to play. She gives juice to Yuvani. She says Yuvani, you are doing everything perfect, you have to one more. Yuvani agrees. A girl gives bouquet to Yuvani. Yuvani throws it and says I hate roses, its cheap. Suhani asks what is this way to talk to your friend, she got gift by love, see emotions, not price. Yuvani says she should get special gift for me, I m Yuvani Birla. Suhani says you should not apologize to guests, say sorry. Yuvani refuses and kicks her. She asks her to get out. Everyone get shocked. Rags, Menka and Dadi smile. Suhani looks at Pratima and Soumya.

Yuvani scolds Suhani and says I will not listen to you, who are you, you are not my mumma.

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